The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We've switched you to the latest default model

Seems to be a massive problem wtih chatGPT right now

GPT4 Model is unavailable, and has no reference of this,

trying to get more eyes on this so people can realize


Same problem just now. When GPT4 hopefully comes back, how can we switch the model back to GPT4?

You can use a browser extension like Superpower ChatGPT, that lets you change the model in the middle of a conversation.

I would be very cautious using that plugin. They say they can sell anything to anyone, or release it to anyone or release it publicly - any time and for any reason.


This just happened to me as well :// just when I needed it


Is this what they are charging us $20 for?


I’m following this question as I have the same problem. It keeps changing to version 3.5 on every chat I start, and I can’t return to version 4. The 3.5 has a different performance and quality and is incompatible with what I’m using.

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Me too. Literally just paid, it gave me 4 replies and then started bumping me down to 3.5. OpenAI status: all systems functional. Being from Europe, I’ll request a refund at the end of the 14 days under law protection. I see the OP is from 10d ago. Not optimistic about this getting fixed or even looked at by OpenAI.

Same issue.
Would this be resolved if I paid for API access?

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ChatGPT team, I am encountering the same issue. Very frustrating experience. Especially if the status page says everything is fine. Please provide an update

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This has been happening to me for the last two days as well - first after 5 or 6 prompts, today I can only enter 1 or 2 before I receive this message. Incredibly frustrating. I pay $20 for GPT-4, not GPT-3.5.

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This just started happening to me. First mssg 4.0 then changes to 3.5 after second Q. $20 a month and can’t even use it

Same issue on 2023.04.28 even as a GPTPlus subscriber.
Looks like OpenAi allow only one conversation at a time with GPT-4 and force a downgrade on previous version in any new chat…
Try to delete all your previous GPT-4 conversation to keep only one active.
For now, work so far for me.


Same here, just bought the subscription. Would be willing to pay for extra CPU time if the 25 replies are calculated for lower complexity than I use.

Thanks - deleting all previous conversations worked for me too.

Today i have same problem. others having same problem?

I would really like the option to wait until gpt-4 is available. Switching to gpt-3 permanently ruins the context and history of the chat and I would rather wait an hour than lose everything

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found this detailed guide see if helps to understand & resolve the issue

openai are greedy corporate slugs. I will never use this service again. Rather go help make google’s ai better than keep supporting their purely monetary-based decision making. If the reason was just that the service wasn’t available, they would have an option to switch back to the service we are PAYING you money for. Cancelling and never looking back.

I was having the same issue. To fix the current chat and get back to the 4.0 I just wait 10 min, edit my previous message and then click in submit. I hope that helps

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