Gpt Teams - how to create shared chat in workspace?

Just got teams account & invited one of my team mebers in to it. How can I create “shared chat” where we bot can see replies/send requests to ?

I also am wondering the same thing. Finding it hard to understand the point of a “workspace” if the chats are not shared…

Is this feature something that’s coming? Figured that would be standard within a shared workspace that cost extra per month…

doesnt make sense as im under the impression when purchasing its all about sharing chats…why would they call it “Teams” and have a feature called “Workspace”

Unfortunately, the ability to share chats and have others continue those chats has been deprecated across all plans. There is no news on when/if this functionality will return.

Currently, chat sharing is handled in 2 different ways depending on your subscription:

  • With a Plus subscription, you are able to share a chat and the 3rd party can view the current snapshot that is taken at the time the link was generated.

  • With a Team subscription, the chat remains “Live”. This means that, while the recipient of the chat link cannot continue the conversation where it left off, each time they click the link they will be able to view the current version of the conversation (including any requests and replies the original user has added since the link was generated).

Echoing what was said before it’s super misleading to have something called “Team” which has workspaces if you can’t have all team members on the same chat. The expectation for a feature that allows real-time collaboration within the team workspace seems fundamental, not optional. It’s perplexing why such a critical functionality, which actually would facilitate team synergy and productivity, would be removed without a clear alternative. What’s the rationale (if any) behind this decision and will it be reintroduce in some way?

I upgraded my subscription specifically because the shared workspace language on the website made it seem like shared chats were a feature. This is incredibly misleading and disappointing, especially considering that it’s more expensive per person compared to an individual plan. Are there any useful features in “shared workspace” that aren’t available in an individual plan?

Yes the number of messages you can generate per hour is (supposedly) at least double the number of the plus account.