Cannot share a GPT with people who don't have a pro plan

It bothers me that other people have to have the pro plan to share/use a GPT I create with others. Is there any way around this?
I want to use it for my team at work, but I cannot ask them or the company to pay for this. So, in that sense, it is very limiting.


Hey Evans,

Sadly, I don’t think there is a way for this right now. Since GPTs is a Plus feature, OpenAI would rather only Plus users access it.

Head over to for further guidance — there’s a guide answering this question more int odetail.


Building with Assistants API might be the way to go in this case.

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Great. Can you point me in a direction to get started?

Here’s the quick start guide:

And the documentation on the assistant API


I would guess this is a temporary restriction. This is just an “armchair CEO” opinion but:

  • OpenAI will be incentivized to allow people to share GPTs as broadly as possible. They have 100M weekly active users of ChatGPT and GPTs appears to be a pillar of expanding to 1B+ (and reach Google, Facebook, Amazon, order of magnitude)
  • The new GPT-4-Turbo model appears to be quite computationally expensive, and its powering GPT creation and use. So they need to rate limit it while they work on scaling, efficiency.

I would feel confident in creating GPTs and knowing that sometime soon they can be shared more broadly.

Also, its worth noting they have an Enterprise plan that makes sharing GPTs with Teams easier (what they call a “Workspace”.) I haven’t seen any pricing for “small teams” or “startups” but you could reach out to them and see if they have such a plan.


Thanks. Very helpful perspective.


I reached out to the OpenAI Help Center as I was interested in this and I was given this response:

Due to the high demand for ChatGPT Enterprise, we are starting with companies who can purchase 150 seats. We will have a self-service product coming out later this year that will service companies who need fewer than this.


Made me very sad, we have around 320-ish people but most of them are in workshops and have no need (currently!) for something like this. I’m very hopeful that they will be able to accommodate 20-50 within the first half of 2024

Interesting and good to know! I am using this as an enthusiast to make work easier, and will happily pay a modest fee to extend use with a small team (e.g., 10-20).

I have a different use case providing a bot to the people who may seek information for example my product is regarding providing coaching and mentorship services to students who are preparing for certain examination. I can’t expect all my target audience to pay 20$ per month just to use my gpt , will the open ai provide us an opportunity to fix the price so that i can decide a medium price which might be beneficial to myself, open ai and my target audience who may be willing to take up my gpt.

the revenue sharing and GPT store plan kind off point to GPT’s being pro only. The other possibility is paying a la carte for GPTs you want to use.

Good point. It will be nice to get some clarity from OpenAI soon on the initial model.

Do you not think that the wording - Anyone with a link is very misleading? even disingenuous, I subscribed to create a custom private GPT of my corpus of data, and then share that with a few colleagues, but once created, it requires all others who share to subscribe to a Plus too… small print… maybe… but wrong

What about if share my ChatGpt with link. Does anyone with link will need to have Plus account ?

Yes, the only way anyone can access a GPT (public or private) is if they use their own ChatGPT Plus or Team account.

Depending on what its used for you might be able to create it through the Assistants API, but this will require coding and you’ll be paying directly for every use.

Actually, I want to create and chatbot for my University subjects and I am looking for a way for my college to access it for free, because it’s for students.
And is there a way to put the Assistants API in Discord Server? Do we have any docs on this?

No such thing for students, it’s a very expensive product to run.

You could possibly have your university do a deal with OpenAI like ASU did, but other than that you’ll need to purchase the Plus plan.

As for adding it to discord, there’s nothing official but it seems like it can be done with some code.

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Yeah - I’ve seen some GPT builders out there that are creating their own “Free Trial” versions of their GPTs. I can’t imagine that is what OpenAI wants to incentivize