How long did it take you to get gpt-4 api access?, Waiting since Mar 20th

How long did it take you to get gpt-4 api access?
I’m in the waitlist since Mar 20th, is this normal?

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Still waiting since 7th of April.

If you want it beg for it as much as you can thats how i got it im not kidding


Where? I’ve already messaged the support 2 weeks ago, my last message is not seen

I think it took me a month, but I have a gptforus blog where I post articles about GPT3 and GPT4 and I am a software developer. In my API and Plugin/GPT4 waitlist “application” I stated all this and I did not use GPT to generate my request.

Its a bit of a black bo so I don’t know which of these helped get access so fast. I would advise you get back on the waiting list and make your request stand out with some effort and dont post the same message you posted last time.

I think I applied 3 times in a month.

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Hi, I just applied to get on the waiting list today. I am brand new to this. I started using the free version this morning with absolutely amazing results in help with excel and document summaries. How or where do I escalate my request to get access to ChatGPT 4?


ditto — would love access ASAP.

It was about a 1 week wait for me from going on the waitlist to getting the invite, this was last week.

Are you using the API or Just to clarify for anyone who needs it, the API is completely separate from the online website and chat-bot know as ChatGPT.

To use the API, you must call it through an API-call in your code. More info on that can be found here.

The pause for new ChatGPT Plus subscribers does not apply to the API. There should be no problems getting access through the API route.