How long did it take you to get gpt-4 api access?, Waiting since Mar 20th

How long did it take you to get gpt-4 api access?
I’m in the waitlist since Mar 20th, is this normal?

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Still waiting since 7th of April.

If you want it beg for it as much as you can thats how i got it im not kidding

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Where? I’ve already messaged the support 2 weeks ago, my last message is not seen

I think it took me a month, but I have a gptforus blog where I post articles about GPT3 and GPT4 and I am a software developer. In my API and Plugin/GPT4 waitlist “application” I stated all this and I did not use GPT to generate my request.

Its a bit of a black bo so I don’t know which of these helped get access so fast. I would advise you get back on the waiting list and make your request stand out with some effort and dont post the same message you posted last time.

I think I applied 3 times in a month.

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