GPT-4 problem: Invalid URL (POST /v1/completions)

You can make 4 pretend to be 3 but not the other way around. Just like a genius could pretend to be dumb but not the other way around.

I’ve also been having this same issue all morning with GPT-4.

do i have to set up another paid account? its asking for a paid account and I dont see gpt4

Same issue here. I have been a paying subscriber ever since subscriptions appeared. And I never ran any browser extensions or other integrations. Too bad that the lobotomized Bing chat cannot answer my questions to the same standard :frowning:

The same problem, should it be a global problem or not?

Vpn around the world (UK, US, AUS), browser change (Firefox, Chrome) and device change (Windows, Android) did not help for me
It has to be something universal with the account, or maybe that old logins or sessions still work

Ive literally used it for one prompt so far after paying for it 4 days ago. Now I just sit and stare at an error.

FYI all- if you are getting the gpt4 post error, call credit card company, perform chargeback on credit card, they are not offering promised service. And they have too many customers to offer support of any kind.

was the one prompt a large prompt or a short one? If you still know

It was some help re writing one of my original song verses
a fairly short one.

The same issue, and it looks like OpenIA is unaware of this problem.

It has only been 3 days since I bought the subscription and it crushed already. I though someone stole my API key or something like that since I got you have exceeded your quota message a few times. Anyways I hope they resolve the issue soon but there is no way to report the issue as I can see(or cannot see).

If you go to updates & faq on the bottom left in chat there is a possibility to send a message and select gpt 4 in combination with chatgpt plus and send the error message



The problem has persisted for me since about 1600 PDT on March 29. I’m just a touch worried it’s angry I’ve been gaslighting it for weeks between sessions of having it crank out tedious programming tasks.

I face the same issue, +1 for a fix, thanks !

Same here - back to call of duty.

I have reported it on Github and it looks like their working on it!

Getting this error as well, had GPT Plus for a couple months.

I think patience is the only solution. I asked gpt-3.5 about the error message and got no help. Its response started with:

“It’s difficult to say definitively without more information, but based on the error message you provided, it seems like there may be an issue with the URL you are using to submit the request or the format of the request itself.”

I had told it that my send was simply ‘hello’.

Yep, me too.

It’s really frustrating for OpenAI to say that the systems are all up and running, and a huge number of us (maybe everyone) cannot access GPT-4.