GPT-4 Email invite but no access after one month

Hey there.

We ”received” access on 18.03 to gpt4 via email but can’t access it neither in the playground nor via API. I applied again multiple times but nothing happened. Also read many other posts here without success.

Any idea?

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Here the email we received:

Make sure you are logged in with the organization that was granted the API access, i.e. if you have a personal and a business login, make sure you are in the correct one and have the correct org selected.

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Hey @business1 can you confirm the email address you received that message? You are likely trying to access the model via an account which was not granted access.

@business1 the email you use for your account on this forum does not have GPT-4 access, so the email must have gone to a different address (whichever you joined the waitlist from).

Thanks for your prompt reply. Please check this one below - is this the same case?

By the way - nothing related to GPT-4 - with the intention of helping other members and receiving help, I have been using my personal email to post and reply here.
I created a similar account (AlexDeM.AI) but specific to use here on the forum - but it’s been on “hold” for a month and I don’t know why. I sent messages to some staff members including you, but I didn’t get a response.
I would like to slow down the flow of messages to my personal email. Could you please check this out? Thanks in advance. I am available to help in any way possible.

Hey @Foxabilo! We have only one organization. Checked already after reading some other threads here.

@logankilpatrick it is the same e-mail. Didn’t wanted to include it in the earlier screenshot since it’s public then, but I also checked that already after reading other threads. Guess it’s the bug many here encountered - notification but no access :frowning:

Sounds like the same case. Didn’t read that one yet. Support so far never got back to me on anything so I honestly didn’t even tried to reach out anymore and am trying it this way instead to get help - and surprisingly fast you guys answer!

Any idea? We’re also on the paid plan. I also applied again multiple times after but never received an invite again. Would love to use the GPT-4 API for our cases. The quality difference is just too big otherwise.

Just tried again to contact the support but the bot always leads me to apply on the waitlist - doesn’t really get the issue nor connects me to the support. Via email, as mentioned earlier, I never got any reply.

I’m sure Logan will look into this for you.

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Would be great, if @logankilpatrick can do that!

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Any updates on this? :roll_eyes: @logankilpatrick