My GPT-4 account is invited but still blacklisted

I have tried the methods provided in the forum, but not helping.

  1. Recreating the API key.
  2. Credit card bundled.
  3. Checked my organization and etc…

Hello! I had the same problem where I couldn’t use the GPT-4 API, and it also wouldn’t work in the Playground despite GPT-4 showing up in Chat mode. Similarly, I received the same invitation email you posted. What I did to make it work was to change the settings in Billing - Usage limits from a price of $120 to a lower one. Firstly, I set the Hard limit to $10 and the Soft limit to $5, and then I changed the Hard limit to $20 and the Soft limit to $15. After doing this, I was able to use the API anywhere, including in the playground. Initially, I would get an error message saying I had exceeded usage or needed to add a payment method, but after making these changes, I could use it normally. Additionally, in the beginning, I added a credit card because my trial balance had expired and I could no longer use the free trial. Maybe you can solve your issue with these steps. Best regards!

Maybe give it some hours. You might have gotten the email first and the account will be whitelisted a few hours later. Wouldn’t be much of a surprise to me. You got the mail today, right?

Thanks for the detailed instructions. Unfortunately, it still fails to work…

I got the invite pretty earlier in Mar. But it’s my first time to find time to play with it. Is it possible that OpenAI revoked the permission (which would be kinda weird)?