GPT-4 : wrong Organization-id tagged in invite email


The Organization-id tagged in my GPT-4 invite email is wrong.

I received an email invite for GPT-4 API access and within the email, organization-id for which GPT-4 access was granted is wrong. I verified org-id against my account too.

As organization-id tagged in invite is wrong, obviously I can’t access GPT-4 thru API.

I see others facing similar issue in the Community on not being to access GPT-4 API, probably its attached to the same reason.

Can OpenAI staff confirm if its a bug or am I missing something


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Same boat. Got one invitation but can not access. Is OpenAI listening?

same happened for me… trying to get int ouch with their support, but how…

I am also having the same issue. The organization ID in the email is not the same as in my account.

I have the same issue. Org ID in the invitation to GPT-4 doesn’t match our organizational id. Not sure what to do in this case.

Same here, an invite with the wrong organization id. When clicking on the link, I get to Playground pre-set for chat Beta and the field for the model is filled as gpt-4 but when trying I am getting "The model: ‘gpt-4’ doesn’t exist. Now it is clear to me upon inspection that the org id in the email doesn’t fit the one in settings. On the other hand I cleared up browser history and everything I could think of to make sure it is set right. No joy. Hope we will get this cleared soon as I am waiting for Gpt-4 since feels to be forever. Any way you got out of it, you let us know…

Exactly the same. Received the email entitled “Your GPT-4 API invite is here”, but can only use the gpt3.5 models. Wasted lots of time and can’t believe it’s such a silly mistake

I am also having the same problem. Is there anything here that can help?

Yes, same.

Got the email invite to use GPT-4 API, but it has the wrong org id in the email.

Sandbox doesn’t work etc. just as everyone has been saying.

Would love to resolve this.

Please check the thread below if it could be of any help:
Unable to Access GPT-4 API Despite Receiving Invitation

Usually, if the user can find the GPT-4 in the playground then the user has access to it.
The account structure is just a “bit more complicated” than we think - the Discourse forum doesn’t allow to replicate entire messages, so please check that thread.