Got access to GPT-4 Alpha on free version of ChatGPT

same here; been testing its limits lately. Reached dead ends quite often, thought they blocked me.

when is the last update for GPT 3.5? when asked, it sometimes replies for September 2022, January 2022, or still September 2021.

If you are in ChatGPT, the model they are using at a particular time for a particular account can vary. They have recently updated models in preview up to April 2023, but the AI also needs to be fine-tuned, and fine-tuned different than in the past, in order to answer this, which is why you might have varying answers if you are getting a new model.

Had it… Lost it.
Don’t know if it was supposed to be “temporary” or not, but had a good time with it.
But it lasted like 3 days… As far as I know it lasted from Monday to Yesterday (Wednesday, night)
Shame… Maybe they just want you to give it the taste and make you buy it then.


most likely, sampling an upgrade to potential heavy users.

my account is always the normal 3.5 version, not as a testing account for example GPT Alpha.

Free ChatGPT? You pay not in money, but in conversation that can be used to train AI models and feedback that expresses your satisfaction with occasional experiments that you aren’t informed of.

I had access to the Alpha but it has just disappeared. Can someone please tell me why this happened and how I can access the Alpha version again?

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Hopefully they will add this Alpha feature back. The results I have received were better than current gpt- 3.5

i wanted to use it so badly, but i am glas now you guys dont have it either. :joy: :joy:

They removed button. No accese to alpha

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The Alpha version is mysteriously gone like it was never there to begin with…

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So, before they even released the new version that just came out I actually had the GPT-4 for months without paying for it. There was no way I could unsubscribe from it. I just decided to ride it out until it got removed from my account or something else happened. Eventually one day it did after maybe 4 to 5 months of having it completely free. At that point they had introduced DALLE 3 and it was so much more advanced that I really wanted to keep it and just started paying for the pro version. In my opinion I think it would be incredibly smart for them to offer a free trial so people can see just how different the basic is from the pro.

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hi please respond. i got chat gpt alpha for a few days then it dissapeard when i logged back onto m account do u have any idea why?

You will need to reach out on the support bot, bottom right of, the developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT support.

I want to ask, can Alpha be used for free later on?Or will there be models better than GPT-3.5 and free in the future?

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It was a trial of what is now the likely released gpt-4-turbo. It has happened before that some people were offered an “alpha” choice for free in the model selection at the top of ChatGPT, and could happen again.

It is likely internally described as “we can use this feature to get people to try out new models and receive feedback, without users outright getting mad, nor being able to compare, that it is not as smart as the GPT-4 they are paying for”.

{How i can activate this now?? It has not working now.

I have seen ChatGPT Alpha Today. First, I was excited about it as a new feature. but it turned to be an error. I had to log out and login again to fix it.

I find that suddenly Im only allowed to use the “Alpha” version of the web app (even though I can access 3.5 on mobile) and since I do not have a paid subscription, I am also not being allowed to search!

WTF. Youve switched me over to a paid plan and then locked me out all on your own? If you didnt like me, couldnt you have simply said so?