Google Business Email Removed By Employer Can't Authenticate

I signed up for ChatGPT+ using my company custom domain Gmail for business email address. They switched email vendors. Google authentication will never work and it is impossible so far to change authentication method. I’ve triggered forgot password and changed it… but, still wants google Authentication… which, as said, I no longer have.

Need to sort this. We are paying for it.


  • I am not an OpenAI employee.
  • I have not done what is suggested here, just passing along the noted information.

If you want to verify this with an OpenAI staff member you will have use the help widget in the lower right of this page, click icon to start chat bot.

The only relevant information comes from these to OpenAI topics.

Can I change my authentication method?

How to delete your account

Essentially you will have to

  • Create a new account not using the authentication of a current account.
  • Request through the OpenAI help widget that the old account be deleted.

As this concerns account creation/deletion there is no user of this forum that can help you directly, we can only guide you to the noted documentation.

Removed bug tag as this is not a bug.