Failed auto-recharge and payment method keeps being declined

I have been using the api and lately I increased my hard limit from $120 to $500. The soft limit was previously when I spent $90. I hit $90 on my credits used and I had received an email that my auto-recharge failed. I changed my soft limit to like $450. But previously I have used the payment method to use $90 worth of access, my credit card limit was not reached and I have the funds, yet my card is being declined. When I try to use the api I get back a syntax saying my credit limit is reached, and yes when I check my usage it is. However I am unable to use the payment method to increase my credits, just getting declined.

This just happened today, I am planning on checking again tomorrow. But I want to know what I did wrong to make my auto-recharge fail and also decline my attempts to use payment method?

Do i need to get a whole new credit card just for chatgpt because the one that I have now for some reason isn’t good enough randomly on any given day? Can I please be told what I did to nullify my ability to purchase credits using this payment method so I can avoid this at all costs in the future because this is a pretty big inconvenience if I need to get a new card for just this. Also noting I might just do it right away again and need another new card.

MORE INFO: it may be important to note that my auto-recharge payment was not adjusted to the increase usage. I had it so that I would put in up to $10 when my credit balance has less than $5. Since I was using a lot of credits this day, the card was charged many times. Perhaps this is also an issue, that may cause “suspicious” behavior. I have changed the plan so that it replenishes less often. Perhaps this was an issue that triggered this action?

Also I made contact with my card’s provider and have confirmed there have been no action taken on their side to decline my payment or interfere with this in any way (according to the message system with card’s provider on the mobile application).

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Unfortunately the the developer forum is unable to investigate account or payment issues, you will need to reach out to and use the support bot by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of that site and leaving your contact details and a description of your issue.

I have done this they said “open ai will reply as soon as they can”. Thanks for the welcome, is this typical, has this happened to you?

There is a help site entry that covers many of the questions asked, Why was my credit card declined? | OpenAI Help Center. the issue is that the developer forum is unable to look into payment or account issues, so posting them here will not help.

I reached out with the chatbot and they told me that I need to get in contact with the provider of the card. I do this and they tell me they did not decline payment on there end. So it appears chatgpt is not accepting my payment. I have no additional information on why this is happening. I am only paying with this card for one account on chatgpt. I have money in my bank linked up to the card. My card is still getting declined, there is no follow up for me, I am now on day 2 of unable to get my work done because of a billing problem I don’t understand and apparently I am not allowed to understand it. This is getting extremely annoying, any advice on what to do? considering all the suggested options for getting help are leading to dead ends and no help at all?

Sounds like you might be using a virtual card. Many types of cards not directly funded by a bank balance might be chosen to be declined.

I am using a discover card, I have made $90 worth of purchases for the credits. I don’t believe this is the issue, my card info has not changed in my payment settings since the last successful purchase, which was the same day that this declining started happening out of nowhere.

You could also go into the API account → billing → account preferences. Make sure everything there matches the card.

OpenAI has been doing some card shenanigans, like a thread with a dozen banned for “suspicious” billing info. So them not taking your money is not the worst outcome possible.

Yes my card info is correct, I just ordered a new credit card should be coming in the mail in 7-10 business days. I am glad that openAI didn’t outright ban me for reasons I still don’t understand… I am not really doing much of anything suspicious. I hope that one day soon I wake up and my card will magically work and I can buy credits like the before times (yesterday) when things made sense. Otherwise I hope in 7-10 business days this new card will work and not randomly out of nowhere force me to get a new credit card. Hope I can still use chatgpt at the very least! I have had no issues up to this point, looking everywhere to find a solution to continue my work using this service.

If anyone else has this same issue, I have tried to use the payment method I had before just now and $100 worth of credits went through. With time and raising the issue the solution came. However still getting same API syntax, but I have seen in these forums that this issue is to be expected and will be solved with time.

We’ve been having the same issue. Auto-recharge failed yesterday and since then ALL cards that we try to use are declined. There is no record on any of the cards that there declined transactions.

I contacted support but haven’t heard anything back from them.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Support is extremely busy, they will get back to you when they can, unfortunately the developer forum has no way to look at accounts or payment issues.