Error "Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at "

When I pose a second question to ChatGPT, I consistently encounter the error message: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at”

This situation is quite baffling. After upgrading to Plus last month, I no longer needed to refresh the webpage after each query. However, merely a few days ago, upon paying for the next month’s membership benefits, I found myself having to refresh the webpage after every question once more. What could be causing this? Is it due to my recent payment and inability to pay further, resulting in Plus users being overlooked?

Despite searching extensively online, I have been unable to find any solutions, explanations, or reasons for this issue. Could anyone kindly offer a solution?


I have the very same issue, since yesterday. It works sometimes (seldom in fact!) with GPT-4, but never with 3.5.

Addendum: I have this in Chrome but not in Edge (same computer, same network). This means this has probably something to do with the cache, or some plug-in I’m using.

Addendum 2: Tried to disable all plug-ins in Chrome, delete cookies, to no avail.

So, workaround is: try another browser.


It’s disheartening to say that I was intercepted while using version 3.5 :crying_cat_face:

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I encounter this problem when using computer, but not for phone.


Are your phone and computer connected to the same network or Wi-Fi?

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Hi friend, please teach me how to use open AI, can you? I have been stuck in this interface, thank you~

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yes,they are connectd to the same WIFI. Did you use a vpn?

This video shows only gives so obvious and trivial solutions that everyone here has tried them (since they are smart enough to have found this page). Even though the video is very short, it is not worth watching. Your comment looks like phishing to increase traffic to a youtube channel, if it isn’t indeed.


Exactly same issue with me, I also a premium user, even if I click the manage subscription button it will show; The account management page encountered an error. Please try again. If the problem continues, please visit


Same issue here. As long as I waited for some time and asked additional question, it will show this error. I will have to reload the page. It’s frustrating.

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Facing this issue several times with GPT 4.


Premium user ,But stilll got this error message, any Solution?


Agreed, user sharjeelrajpoot posted the exact same answer under every post about this error. I have watched the recommended video. I also think its solution is trivial. Everyone knows that the conversation can be continue by refreshing the page. But refreshing the page everytime I need to ask a question is annoying. His answer doesn’t solve the problem.

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Did you use a vpn when you encountered this problem?

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I will try it on the computer, thank you for your suggestion!

Sure, my friend. If you’d like to use OpenAI, please visit this link: If you’d like to access ChatyGPT, please visit this link:

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I’ve been seeing this error since yesterday as well. It typically happens when I leave the site open, cmd+tab to another application, then switch back to the site to enter a prompt several minutes later. Refresh fixes it every time.

Hello having the same issue for some days…Sometimes it evens seem to say that I don’t have the premium account…though they did charge me !!! How to corrrect that? thanks

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Had this problem as well. It disappeared after disabling my VPN.


Premium user, same problem. any Solution?I’m using Opera with its VPN.