Error Setting up paid Account for API

Hey Guys I am having issues setting up paid account for OpenAI platform account - It keeps giving me error.

The card is valid and has funds, Tried couple of cards! Cleared cache, none of that works

Yes @elmstedt - Singapore is in the supported country list

Need help? Contact OpenAI Support

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Thanks! I should have seen it before! I have reached out support already! No response, been a day!

I will wait until I hear back from OpenAI support. thanks.

If you read other posts on this site you will find that it can often takes weeks for a reply.

As noted this forum is not monitored by OpenAI employees, no one here as access to the billing systems or such.

Hope you get it resolved quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


hi @babu , have you solved this issue? I’m also unable to setup paid account in Singapore

@chong.chen - yes - for some reason dbs cards were not working for me. Try a different card and see. There’s also restrictions by openai on number of subscriptions you can have on a card with openai account. The support will help you out, the replies take more than a week though

thanks for the information, so dbs cards can’t be used for this that’s quite weird… hmm I will try to use other card then, thanks again!