Problem in set up paid account

I can not complete the Set up paid account, I tried with a:

  • Mastercard from a USA bank with address in Argentina
  • Mastercard Payonner with address in Argentina
    those fail for the ZIP code,

Also I tried with some Visa credit card (that not requires zip code) from Argentina and was declined.

I was able to pay successfully the GPTChat Plus with the Mastercard from Payonner , but everything fails to set up pain account for the API

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry you’re having problems.

Best bet is to reach out to official support here…

Good luck.

i got the same issue, success with chat gpt plus ( 20 usd monthly) but when start payment plan for open ai api, " your card is declined, i used the same credit card for supscrible chatgpt plus, dont know why??

First check if you are in a supported country for API.

Since country verification and other checks are done on payment and addresses by the payment processor, you might need to input card and its matching address in a particular way. The banking system must provide this information for the card account holder.

Hi, supported country did not include my country, specify in vietnam, is there another way to got payment plan with open api instead?

There are various US regulations that make transactions with particular countries and people difficult or prohibited.

Solution: “be” from another country.

You will not discover how to bypass and circumvent OpenAI rules on their own forum.