GPTs Bug - Cannot Update Configuration

Hello, my team develops ResearchGPT:

ResearchGPT allows users to search and analyze research papers in our academic search engine, Consensus. I configured an Action that uses our Search endpoint for this.

Whenever I try to edit the configuration to update the prompt, I get the error “Error saving draft”. Any idea what is causing this?

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It seems to be a catch-all. I’ve seen it happen due to various errors in the OAS JSON for actions.

Been experiencing this for a week now. Every time I want to make an edit I create an entire new GPT & copy-paste every single detail. Desperate for solution too.

This might work for you, or not;
Jump over to a mobile hotspot WiFi connection and try again.

Has worked for me in many cases. There’s been at least one thread discussing this already, with different results. Switching to a hotspot network seems like a pretty stable workaround for me at least.