"Error saving GPT" > it leads to delete your GPTs

Ok this is an actual bug. (third time)

I’m working on my GPTs since a couple of hours and now I got the scaring orange error “Error saving GPT”.

It’s official: OpenAI has got a problem on this beta version.

Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 19.37.21


Showed since GPT Beta Started months ago without a clear statement by OpenAi. Never solved, workaround sometimes working is to revert, apply changes and save it again.


Thank you Daniele.
If it’s true that OpenAI states that GPTs are in Beta, not replying about this issue isn’t that good.

At the end of the day we’re paying to use this service.

I am in same space, same issue, but I was silly, I paid for a year team membership upfront. And no, as the owner of this teams account I can not create or save any GPT’s. On my personal account all is fine, so I know what good looks like. It is just an issue with the Teams it seems at this time.

It does not help that they do not reply, so I paid for Teams without GPT’s working, there is nowhere to complain and also seemingly no complaints procedure. There is this forum, but as I have noted no replies on this issue.

I should have done month to month rather than having paid a year in advance, now there is no incentive to actually address any technical failures, such as this one, where it do not create GPT’s nor does it save GPT’s on an anual Team advance paid account.

If somebody is aware of how one can actually get these things solved without needing to go to the media and risk being banned from a one kind of service (if it is rendered). It would be great.


I have exactly the same issue and can’t continue my work. Basically stuck. Hope the problem can be resolved soon.

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I’m also encountering the same problem right now. No matter what I do, I can’t save the GPTs.

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This reads more like a annoying bug than a restriction of the Team feature.
I could be wrong but hang in there for a short time period. This will likely get fixed very soon.

If you want to you can also send a bug report over at help.openai.com
I would expect that your status as Team subscriber should help get this ticket elevated for all of us.

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Currently having the same issue, incredibly frustrating :confused: .

I have the same issue. I cannot make edits to either instruction or knowledge files.

The advice one do not want to hear. I did exactly what you proposed and solved. Much appreciated. I am now able to work well with these. I am only responding now, but must let people know that this was solved quite a few days ago, this was just the first opportunity I got to come and say thank you.


If you can confirm this as well, we can go ahead and mark this topic as solved and closed.

@dbands thank you for the feedback! Glad I could help!

i may be very very wrong here, but i had a few issues with a few gpts that it would not save, waht helped me (but im also pretty new to all this building), was to go under configure, and alter its name, sorry for this potentially bad solution, but it helped me with 2 gpts, i lost 1 permanently where i noticed the not saving, so after i notcied the 2 new ones, doing it, i altered name from hk to vex cyn, and the othe i changed from War simulator to cosmic weaver. seemed to save atleast those 2 then<3 i hoep this helps, it probably does not, since im newb!<3 much love<3<3<3

We are all new to this, no need to apologize, you are trying to help, which is a good thing.

Sharing is caring, thank you for sharing a method that worked.

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Hi there, I didn’t have any other issues but I add that I didn’t modify my assistants so much so while I’m hoping it, I can’t really affirm the issue is gone.