Error message saying reached usage limit - when i categorically haven't

Hi All,

I am continually getting the “You have reached your spending limit on OpenAI”.

It looks like the initial reason for this is that is because the $18 credit ran out on 1st April - however, I have since added billing and have not actually spent anything at all yet so it is no where the hard limit.

Has anyone else come across this issue and managed to resolve it?

I have looked through the help articles and previous articles including this one:

Thanks in advance…


Hi @RomanoGatto

Welcome to the community.

It is very difficult to tell what went wrong unless you can share the code that called the API. Additionally, you can also share a screenshot of your usage page.

Also please format the code in Markdown before sharing.

Thanks for your reply (and welcome:)) - it looks like it just took longer than normal to sync up as after leaving it for a couple of hours it is all working fine.