Persistent API Rate Limit (error code: 429) Issues Despite Added Credits

I’m reaching out to address a persistent and baffling issue I’ve encountered with the API services. Despite my best efforts, including reaching out to the support team multiple times, I’ve hit a wall of silence from their end. I’m consistently facing a RateLimitError (error code: 429), even after charging my account with an additional $100 in credits and ensuring my usage limits are well above the needed threshold. Additionally, the GPT-4 model, essential for my work, remains inaccessible despite assurances of availability for my account’s credit level.

I’ve noticed previous discussions on community forums highlighting similar challenges, suggesting this isn’t an isolated incident. Discussions such as “Probable OpenAI Bug: Insufficient Quota Error on Paid Account with Available Balance” and “RateLimitError: You Exceeded Your Current Quota, Please Check Your Plan And Billing Details” have caught my attention.

The resolutions offered in these forums, however, are perplexing. The “resolved” message from the OpenAI team indicates an internal issue that was supposedly resolved and mentions follow-ups with affected users. The message reads:

“Thanks for the patience, everyone. The issue has been resolved: OpenAI Status - Issue with API credits 1.0k. We will follow up with individual users who were affected. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are implementing measures to prevent such issues in the future. This thread will be closed to ensure new issues are identified and addressed promptly. Thank you for your continued support.”

This suggests an internal bug at OpenAI, which they claim to have fixed. However, I’m still facing the same issue, which leads me to wonder if I’m misunderstanding something or if the problem persists for others as well.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues, or is there something I might have misunderstood from the forum posts mentioned above?

Your inability to access gpt-4 means that the API key is in the “free” tier, and the model has not been unlocked.

  • Look at your selection of organization when managing your account. There may be multiple to toggle when you click your name at lower-left of

  • View your credit account balance on that selected organization in billing overview. Then proceed directly to API keys and make a new key.

  • Ensure that default organization at the bottom of API keys is pointing to the funded organization.

  • Put that API key into use, ensuring it is your environment variable OPENAI_API_KEY, can be repeated by code, and that there is no hard-coding of keys.

To see if your account works at all, you can use “chat” mode with API playground. See GPT-4 there.


It seems like you’ve taken appropriate steps, including reaching out to support and monitoring community forums for solutions. Given the persistence of the issue despite OpenAI’s claimed resolution, it might be worthwhile to reiterate your concerns directly to their support team, providing specific details and referencing your previous attempts to resolve the matter. Additionally, you could inquire if there have been any updates or further insights into the ongoing problem. It’s possible that there could be lingering issues or misunderstandings that need clarification.

I’m getting the same issue all of a sudden despite having a credit card added to my account.
I have never even come close to my personal budget of $ 100.00 in the last few months. I was billed automatically, meaning my usage was tracked and at the end of the month, the amount was taken from my provided credit card. Now I even added credits manually and I still get the insufficient_quota error.

OpenAI really should have decided to make this switch of existing monthly users over to pre-paid closer to the end of the month. The monthly billing of accounts that starts for over a week from the first of the month already has caused delays in processing in the last two months. Now you have both those bills being processed and the same customers needing to make purchases.

That is likely what is going on - credits that appear to be purchased and added are still being delayed from actually being active on your account.

You can just double-check your main billing overview and see if it still says you are on monthly billing to see if this is a different issue than being required to now use credits that are delayed.