Error: "could not log in with plugin "

I have chat gpt 4, when I install plugins I read: could not log in with plugin. I am sure my account is correct and with other plugin works, please help me.

If other plugins work and you can isolate it to just one that reports the error, that is likely a problem with the third-party maker of the plugin and their online services to support it.

You can either contact the developer to find out why it doesn’t work, or report the plugin by name as non-functional and “dead” to the assistant if it never works.

Thank you J, but the plugins are very popular: chatwithpdf and smartslides.

If it appears to be a problem with the configuration of your account, and you can see the issues when using multiple devices, you can reach out with a message to clarify the issue and see if your account needs fixing.

You can try removing all the activated plugins and re-adding them. It may be that your account still links to a plugin version that was removed.