Enhancing the ChatGPT Plug-In User Experience: A Call to Action for Better Documentation and User Interfaces

Hello fellow developers and ChatGPT users,

I’d like to share my experiences with the ChatGPT plug-ins and start a discussion on potential improvements we would like to happen.
While interacting with various ChatGPT plug-ins, I’ve observed several areas where the user experience could be significantly improved:

Discoverability: With a growing list of plug-ins, finding the right one for a specific need can be overwhelming. A more intuitive search and filtering system could facilitate this process and make discovery a breeze.
Understanding Capabilities: Learning about the capabilities and limitations of a plug-in can be quite challenging. Clear, concise, and comprehensive documentation with less marketing jargon would be a huge step forward (note: I have a marketing background). Inclusion of usage examples or video tutorials could be a great way to onboard the user.
Utilization: Learning how to effectively use a plug-in within the ChatGPT interface can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle. More guidance in the interface, such as “quick start” guides or in-interface tooltips, could make this process more user-friendly.
Feedback Loop: The current mechanism for sharing feedback or reporting issues is unclear. An integrated feedback channel that connects users with developers could foster better communication and faster improvements. Or at least inform the user that feedback about the plug-in is being shared with the developers. #

A part of the responsibility for improvement lies within our community. We can ask ourselves: How can OpenAI enhance the interface and plug-in store to make it more user-friendly? What can developers do to make their offerings more understandable and easy-to-use? What mechanisms can be put in place to facilitate better communication between users and developers?

As a community, we can share our perspective, brainstorm solutions to these challenges and significantly boost the overall user experience of the ChatGPT plug-in ecosystem. Collecting our insights in a single topic here on the forum will create transparency about our perspectives, needs and wishes.

What are your thoughts on these matters? Have you faced similar issues? What ideas do you have for improvement? How can we all contribute to enhancing the ChatGPT plug-in experience?

Looking forward to a constructive discussion.

I agree with all of your points above. Just wanted to add my support to give your post attention.

I really hope that a “requirement” going forward will be some sort of base documentation or link to the owner/creator website. Also some sort of privacy/requirements warning if they need additional access or information outside of the OpenAI ecosystem for example.

Similar to how the Apple App Store and Google Play Store show what content is or may be retained, required, etc. per installed app.

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