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In my opinion, ChatGPT Plugins have significantly altered the landscape for developers. Developing a new “killer app” that wraps OpenAI LLMs might have become less valuable (up to a certain point). If a competitor replicates your app as a ChatGPT plugin, they may experience greater success, as they can expose their plugin to a pre-existing market of over 100 million users without any need for marketing, front-end development, and other aspects. All they need is an API and a server to support it.

I believe that sharing empowers us as developers and as human beings. The community is growing rapidly, and with it, the potential to transform the world increases. Currently, there are over 100K users here. This is more important than any individual, the money we can make, or how impressive our apps might be. We are discussing our role in shaping the future of humanity. Isn’t that exciting?

In this context, I’ve been pondering the purpose of competing with one another to develop the most innovative plugin and dominate the market. The plugin market is vast, with room for everyone. There are so many things that ChatGPT could do and yet doesn’t. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to exchange ideas for plugins and collaboratively develop them, thereby influencing ChatGPT’s future behavior as a community? That is the objective of this thread. I anticipate two types of contributions:

1 - “Users”: Individuals who have remarkable ideas for plugins but lack the expertise, time, or energy to create them. Share what you would like ChatGPT to do in the future, such as “I would love ChatGPT to read all my GitHub repositories, remind me of specific dates, assist me with my scientific research, etc.”
2 - “Developers”: People who are willing to develop a particular plugin, seek collaborators, or announce a new plugin that elevates ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Please refrain from spamming in this thread. It is not intended for advertising your plugin to others. The primary goal is to centralize all plugin interactions and provide a shared platform for developers and users to benefit from.

On a side note: I understand that a single thread might not be sufficient to accommodate all the plugin-related discussions that people may want to engage in. If someone is interested in developing the “Plugins Marketplace” concept as a web app, I would be more than happy with it :slight_smile: .


I’ll go first. As a user, I would appreciate a “plugin of plugins” or metaplugin that enhances plugin discoverability. I anticipate the plugin market becoming saturated with thousands of options, making it difficult to determine which one to use for specific interactions with ChatGPT. Consequently, I would like a plugin that, given an input intention, scans the entire list of plugins and recommends which ones to use before initiating a conversation with ChatGPT.


Similar to a “plugin of plugins,” I imagine a “plugin of prompts” or a “prompt index” plugin.

It might function like an introduction to someone with a specific skill set and then provide a prompt chain that helps the user achieve their desired outcome.

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I had a similar idea for a plugins marketplace. Happy to collaborate on this and quickly build something

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On the one hand, I like the plugin marketplace idea. I know this marketplace is going to exist in a matter of time. On the other hand, I genuinely think the plugin serves more as a ‘tool.’ It helps the customer to do something. But there is a limitation to demonstrating other abilities due to the current chatbot UI. Thus, if the plugin itself only exists in the OpenAI plugin store, the function of the plugin can overlap very easily, eventually resulting in fewer plugins needed. Who knows, maybe people wanted to customize their own plugins based on existing plugins they can buy in the marketplace. Doesn’t hurt to try.


I’m not sure how a plugin of plugins would work since all ChatGPT can do is look at what the description says. What I think would work well is if there was a review system, if there are twenty plugins that claim to do PDFs you can read the reviews.

When you want to browse and search for a right plugin using even a decent search inside plugin folder is an arduous task and hence making a compilation of all development and launched plugins with some notes and description on use cases will be a blessing in disguise and will make the development of new plugins a breeze or better.