Does Organization ID for ChatGPT Team exist?

Open AI’s DPA (Data Processing Addendum) has a mandatory field ‘Organization ID’. I can’t seem to find the Organization ID for my ChatGPT Team.

How can I complete the DPA form as a ChatGPT Team user without an Organization ID?

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Hi and welcome to the community!

Go to

and use the organization id provided there.

Question: do you have two accounts? One personal and one for the team subscription?
I am asking because in this case you would have to make sure that you are using the matching ID.


Same issue here. However, when I log in to my account I only see the “Personal” org, not the one for the ChatGPT Team.

Any updates one this?

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Good question.
When I go to my plus account the organization has the name “Personal” but that’s a text that can be changed as needed.

Can you confirm that the personal organization is maybe just the old name from the plus account?

Thanks vb, I found the Org ID. However, I also see ‘Personal’ only and this org ID is different to the other member’s org ID who shares the ChatGPT Team subscription.

Is your account the admin account?
It’s possible that if you invite someone to your team and they already have an account and a organization then this is not properly updated.

Yes I am admin. Looks like the organization ID is different for all users in the team, so it’s at a personal level.

Thanks for following up!

The challenge you are encountering is likely due to the fact that the Team account is not connected to the ‘API’ account in this specific regard. Because you can get all other benefits of the Team subscription without ever needing to go to in the first place.

Two things:

  1. I will do my best to get a statement from OpenAI regarding this issue. Then we should know what the best way to go forward is.

until then I suggest:

  1. you go to and invite the other team members via their email adress. You will be the owner of this organization. Don’t mix this with the Owner/Administrator/Member rights of the Team account. Don’t reveal any API keys to your team members.
    Then, everytime a member joins your organization/team they should be covered by the Data Processing Addendum. If you should ever leave the Team then you can make another member the owner of the organization.

When I get info about 1) I will inform you. That reply should then be the final solution.
What I described under 2) is how we did it before Team was introduced. There is no reason to assume that this should not work any more.

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