Do users of Custom GPTs have to be plus members in order to utilize the GPT

If I am creating a custom GPT and would like to add Vision, TTS, or DALLE, when I publish it and share the link with friends do they need to be Plus subscribers in order to utilize the GPT?


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To the best of my understanding, yes, you need access to custom GPTs in order to view custom GPTs from other people until there’s a wider release via GPT store.

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I created one on a paid account, and tested the shared link icognito. It says you have to be logged in + requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription


Yes, they do require you to have a Plus account to use it, whether or not you use the “Premium” features or not, which I think Sam Altman should have been more clear about this, you now run the risk of creating a GPT and promoting it to your audience, only to have OpenAI get new Plus subscribers and no clarity on when or how you will make money from it.


what in case we add only gpt 3.5 only and create a custom GPT ?
can that be used for free ?

But if I use the API version (I think that’s my next step in learning this), then anyone can use it, not sub required?

As per feedback from some free ChatGPT users, they can’t access custom GPTs. Which is a bummer. :frowning:

Yes, I am still surprised that my article on this was published a week ago, and the news has not picked up the story.

davidborish. com/post/the-misleading-promise-of-gpts-what-sam-altman-didn-t-tell-us

if the user have to be a GPT plus user to access GPTs, so, what for is actually the gpts? Because every Gpt plus subscriber can create their own gpts? This question is very important to me. Hopefully you can explain. Thanks so much.

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While it may be easier to re-assess this question after the GPT store is released, they are likely making it exclusive to GPT plus subscribers so that they can attract users to their paid service.

In terms of “what’s the point if everyone can make a GPT”, think of it like painting. Sure, you can just paint whatever you want yourself, but can you paint something as good as something in an art gallery? Even if you could, Would you still pay for artwork you know you can’t do (like purchasing a landscape piece when you’re a figure artist) but want displayed in your house? Some people might have the skill, knowledge, and resources to make something someone else with the same subscription cannot make on their own. There might even be a GPT that’s not necessarily complex but simply something no one thought to do with it.

I have created my custom GPTs and shared the link with my friends; today, some of them told me they can’t log in; they must be ChatGPT Plus subscriptions.

do you think that there is still a way to monetize your gpt app, under the condition that users must have gpt+

Correct; in order to use any custom GPTs, you must have a GPT Plus subscription or higher.

OpenAI has announced on dev day that they are planning some kind of revenue share model with GPTs. There hasn’t been much word beyond that yet, but rest assured, we should be getting ways to monetize our GPTs soon. Until then though, it is highly recommended not to try to monetize any GPTs independently at this point.

sounds promising. why do you not recommend monetizing the GPTs now? do you think it poses a risk on access?

This is too bad. I created a custom GPT for one of my undergraduate courses just to see how it would work. After testing, I found that it would work well as a tutor. Using the tutor would be a nice way to introduce my students to the power and many uses of GPT, but I’m not going to require them to pay $80 over a semester just so they have access to the tutoring tool. My course tutor will sit on the shelf unless the policy changes.

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Yes via API it is possible to call Assistant, which I believe it’s the équivalent of GPTs.
Personally I’m going the opposite way, i built few Assistants which I trigger via API and now I would like to propose them as GPTs on the marketplaces, but I don’t want a ChatBot Plus Account and I want my GPTs having access to my VectorDB

My client is having the same problem.