Data analysis functionality offline / non-functional

Several days now, I have been trying to load CSV files (simple, small, ~30 lines of text) into the v4 interface. It fails 100% of the time. At first, I thought it could be UTF-8 encoding, double-quote delimeters, presence of quotes in the test, etc., but it would appear — that even if you create a “test.csv” file and fill it with the following text:

Column1, Column2
ABC, 123

It cannot be read. I’ve tried probably 100 times now over the past few days, and it always errors out, regardless of what kind of file it is given. The only exception would be PDF. For whatever reason, ChatGPT v4 can read PDFs, even several at a time.

Just can’t do text, Excel, spreadsheets, etc. A serious shortcoming, obviously. Any idea when this will be functional?

I take back what I just said about PDFs. They cannot be read any longer as well. It would appear that all file reading and processing is dysfunctional, regardless of file type. I will continue testing.