Chatgpt 4 cannot parse .xlsx files

Every time I try to upload a .xlsx or .cvs file and it gives an error and the following message. It appears that we continue to experience technical difficulties accessing and analyzing the files you have attached. These technical issues are beyond my control and capabilities to resolve.
This is the python code for the attempt.

Attempt to read the Excel files provided for analysis

file_paths = [

Create a dictionary to hold the DataFrames

dfs = {}

Try loading each file into a DataFrame and adding to the dictionary

for file_path in file_paths:
dfs[file_path] = pd.read_excel(file_path)
except Exception as e:
dfs[file_path] = e

Is anyone else having this problem, because I haven’t been able to load any files for about 3 days now.


Having the same issues for weeks. It drove me crazy

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I’m having the same issues the files and not complicated. It hasn’t analyzed error and it’s very frustrating.

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