Dall-e3 via ChatGPT4 - ERROR CREATING IMAGES loop

I have been using Dall-E3 via ChatGPT4 today and this evening for the past 1-2 hours it has advised of the following error message creating images.

I left it an hour plus to work on other things, and it just keeps repeating this. Is this just me, or are most people being throttled to death on Dall-e3??

Given that I’m a subscribed user, its most frustrating.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but you are generating images too quickly. To ensure the best experience, please wait for a few more minutes before trying again. I appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any other questions or topics you’d like to discuss in the meantime, please let me know.?

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There are throttling problems with the image generator.

Yesterday it started when the API did not send the image / PNG back, but sometimes the API prompt in JSON format (or the PNG image, base64 encoded).

Since today the default of images created is 2, not 4.

See : Two or four images by default? - Prompting - OpenAI Developer Forum

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Yeah, I’ve had throttling issues all this week in Dall-E3. Today has been the worst. Plus, as you mentioned, the default of only 2 images being generated instead of the usual 4. Its not great, is it.

Well, it’s kind of bèta, and they added the “custom seed” option this week (which is very, very great for my workflow).

So I guess within days the issues with the throttling are gone.

The Microsoft / Bing version had the same issues for some days and they fixed it by adding 1.000’s of more GPU’s in the render farm.

I’m just a regular user of Dall-E3 as an artist. There are no updates, info on status issues anywhere. When do you think the image generator error messages will be corrected, or have I just gone over my 50 messages per 3 hour cap, and its not telling me. If it mentioned this, or something, at least I would know and work on some other things in the meantime. But its just a repeated message. The fact it told me to try again in 5-10 mins was a blatant lie!!!

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Most of us are, I think - sometimes a combination of artist / developer.

I got a “limit warning” once, because I had to try-out 50 prompts before a single image was accepted.

So I had to wait 2 minutes (which was stated clearly in the feedback of ChatGPT).

No idea when the issues are gone; it’s new stuff, it’s development, it’s fancy… so there will always be issues I think :slight_smile:

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Sorry, yeah, what I meant by ‘regular’ is that I’m more an artist. I am certainly not a developer!

Yeah, at last earlier in the week I was getting try again in 5mins, 10mins, etc. today its just we are not going to even tell you, just generating anything at all’ replies!

I’m just impatient. Like you I spent close to 50 prompts trying to get an image just right! I had near perfect (well as perfect as a Regenerate can, and was on a roll with knocking out some cracking shots… until ‘Mr D tells me to stop making images too quickly’ for the past 2+ hours lol.

I’ll go work on my website ideas until tomorrow ! Sigh.

Yes. I am having the same error. What is weird is that it always says to wait a few minutes. So far tried 3-4 times with breaks of about 1 hour between each. No success. Sadly the info from ChatGPT doesn’t align with the message. How am I generating images too quickly if I couldn’t generate one in few hours?

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Exactly!! lol It feels like they are training Dall-E/ChatGPT to gaslight users about current issues while they try and sort this chaos out! I don’t think OpenAI they were ready for the overwhelming influx of new users in such a short space of time. But it is a bit unfair on Plus users on their unforeseen limitations due to this. We’ll see what happens over the next few days/weeks, god knows how long! lol


I’m a developer myself, so I do “know” how things like this can be handled, especially when scaling up the need for power.

Patience is always good, so just try to have some :slight_smile:

I am sure they are working hard on this and fix the issue.

But like I said; fixing one issue will trigger others.

The can squash this “bug”, but by making it possible to generate 4 (or even more) images the same time, it will be more populair, demanding more power and thus giving others bugs.

It’s an ongoing proces and we are spectators of it.

Tip : when a prompt keeps blocked, open a brand new chat.

ChatGPT doesn’t have a real memory, but does “memorize” some details within a session.

So when a prompt is blocked, it will “remember” that during the session and restrict you more when other tries (inside the same session) are also blocked.

Clearing the chat / killing it’s memory can give you another fresh try.

Or just copy / paste the best prompt in Bing Image Creator : it is less restrictive, most of the times.

Also you can simply ask ChatGPT what is wrong with the prompt; sometimes it answers some details you weren’t aware of.

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I tried opening new chat’s and testing Dall-e3 image gen, but got same error messages, so have stopped trying about an or so ago!

Patience and AI is a new hobby! lol

I’ll give Bing Image Creator a go. What are the quality of the images like? Compared to Dalle2 vs 3? Oh, just signed up and ran a prompt… seems like Bing is also taking forever! I give up! lol

You get about 15 credits for free a day, which is similar to about 60 images.

Generations with this credits or boosts take about 30 seconds or 1 minute to complete, normally.

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Hmm, seems like when i tried a while ago it was also telling me it was taking a while, so I gave up after about 10mins or so. I’m going to try D3 tomorrow again to see if they have cleared the pipes as it were. No doubt there will be ongoing throttling daily, so I’ll quite complaining unless I feel its not worth it to be on Plus until things improve. I don’t have a ‘developer’ work around, so if I’m unable to produce anything for half the day, then what’s the point, even in BETA! Laters lol

We the users keep you in business, you think you would communicate nerfing the living **** out of everything. IDGAF how popular it is, keep up with demand or throttle new users demand, don’t throttle your currrent paid users and have GPT straight up lie to them.

I have been getting this all day today. Hope it resolves.

Just paid for ChatGPT Plus today specifically to access Dall-E 3 and I keep getting errors with no images generated. For a couple of prompts it seemed to work then began to produce the message:
“The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We’ve switched you to the latest default model.”
And no images are produced at all.

Starting a new chat each prompt worked a few times but eventually nothing I do gets it to generate images consistently. I would expect Dall-E to be unstable but not the actual access to it VIA the ChatGPT interface. A shame too because the images generated when it does work are amazing.

There have a few minors today for people, a friend of mine it wasn’t even letting her generate any images at all. like she didn’t have access.

I think today a few people have been seeing some glitches, its not just you. Their servers can’t cope with the demands and its causing all kinds of random issues. Until they sort out their servers these things will more likely happen… its the BETA version don’t forget! We are literally their paying guinea pigs lol

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Just subscribed today and unable to use it at all.

Error message: “I’ve run into issues while attempting to generate the vector art graphic of a dog. Currently, I am unable to provide images due to this problem. Please let me know if you’d like to make another request or have any adjustments in mind.”


Yeah today is a bad day to have joined unfortunately. Lots of weird messages from people I know. The will sort out eventually, hopefully soon.

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