ChatGPTPlus/Dall-E 3 bug please help

I purchased GPTplus in order to use Dalle-3 and it worked at first however now when I ask it to create and image it say it is only a text based model and cannot create images and instead just lists a long description.

additionally when I refresh the page about 60% of the time it says I’m still on the free service and can only use gpt 3.5

the services I paid for aren’t working is this a known error and is it going to be resolved?


I am in the same situation. It keeps saying it is not capable of image generation.
I have tried to go the Explore Menu, and select DALLE, but the prompts are not send.

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It seems that the Explore Menu doesn’t lead anywhere - I just tried the ChatGPT Classic and Sous Chef options with trivial prompts from there and these ones also froze. PHQ

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I cannot create any images after the Open Dev Day.

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Same, got the ChatGPT Plus update yesterday, created a couple of images and then it stopped working. Come on Open AI!

Yes, the same thing happened to me. I created the last image using the GPT-4 app just before the Open Dev Day, and after a while, there was, if I’m not mistaken, a brief update, which I think happened automatically (ui changed a bit). Since then, the output that GPT provides me is exactly what you mentioned about the inability to create images.

However, it’s worth noting that it works perfectly from the web. :thinking: