Dall-e3 daily limit 20 images? Is this new?

I’ve been using Dall-e3 all day and its finally told me that my daily limit is up and to check back on 17 hours!! lol So I asked ChatGPT what the daily limit was, as it seems to change on the regular, and they said only 20 images!! Is this a new daily limit, because I’ve generated over 60 today easy!

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They are limiting the output very strictly since about two days.

@Bing you can get 15 for free, so if you get 20 images here right now, don’t pay for this account.

I asked the same question and this was the reply;

How many images can one create on a daily basis using this system?

Using this system, you can create up to 50 images per day. However, when you make a single request to the system, you can generate a maximum of 2 images at once, even if you request more.

But that’s for 24 hours, if you fire your daily limit within two hours I guess the nerve kicks in way earlier.

I don’t think you should use this beta application as a fruit machine, but try to be delicate with its in- and output.

If you seriously want to create unlimited images a day, consider buying an own render farm with local models and generative AI applications (like SD or MJ).

  1. 50 images per day = 1.500 images a month.
  2. 20 USD / 1.500 images = 1.3 cents per image.

Not sure if this is even profitable for OpenAI (they have far more costs than this).

Funny you should come up with that. Thirteen cents is about the price of DALL-E 2 at labs.openai.com – and I suspect that OpenAI isn’t going out of their way at this point to make models that require more computation.


By abstracting credits to image count credits, OpenAI might have a tricky situation where they can’t reduce the price (to that of API) without making people upset about what they already agreed to pay. Not that there was any buzz like the ado generated by putting images in ChatGPT.


20 USD is somehow okay for how I use and monetize it.

In the USA 20 USD is like three Happy Meals, but in India it can be your salary for the week.

So when they nerve it further on, I can’t say if I’m willing to stick around.

In my opinion they should do something with their communication towards the paying users and community.

Nerving and playing things down is never good marketing.

There is no nerfing or credits. Right now this is all included in the 20$ a month Plus membership. It is a preview beta feature that we all get to play with as part of that existing package.

There is no official update about an API or any pricing so 100% speculation should not be a cause for upset.

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I made a typo, sorry.

50 images a day = 1.500 images a month.

So it’s 20 USD / 1.500 image = 1.3 cent (10 times cheaper).

I think that is at least what a single image creation does cost, so where is the profit?

Assuming that every single painting user creates this amount of pictures of course.

For myself, I get better in prompting since I daily train myself doing this.

The results are better, because my prompts do reflect more what I want and “see” in my mind.

This way most of the results are usable after one time and even with only a pair of two images.

Because we can now alter the seed and fine-tune an existing image, an optional second iteration is usable for sure.

And then comes Photoshop, getting the best out of the image, which takes me hours for an image created in seconds :smiley:

Are some people still getting 50 a day then. Wasn’t it 50 every 3 hours just two days ago!! And now its 20 images a DAY!! That’s a drastic change and its understandable that Plus users won’t be happy. Yes its BETA, but you sign up on a basis of what you agreed to originally, not on brand technicalities on a whim! lol

I never reached the limit of images a day.

I think it was 50 responses every three hours?

Not sure what it is right now (and what they see as a “response”).

I once got limited because I had a faulty prompt and tried to iterate it so many times, the system told me to wait.

That was about 50 prompts on a row, but they were all blocked.

(I went to Bing with the original prompt and that create for images without problems, lol).

Yeah I’ve only ever been told 50 every 3 hours. I rarely hit the limit, in fairness the only reason I did last time was because I have a fairly detailed scene I was trying to depict. I landed on a prompt and seed that nicely depicted what I want and now, out of pure greed, I’m taking that exact same prompt but adding new words to the beginning to try to see how many angles I can depict the same/similar scene from.

I can get birds-eye to work with pretty good success, worms-eye doesn’t really change anything, trying to view the scene from behind (behind view, back view, behind-the-back view etc) will not work no matter how many ways I re-word it.

And so I hit my limit entirely because I’m having fun trying to see if this experiment works.

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Yeah, I’ve been working poor Dall-E too (poor thing!) LOL day and night trying to figure out how to best get want i want. I’ve found some great ways to get what I want (him) to do. and that process of landing a prompt and then using seeds, with maybe slight subtly word changes to change angles or tiny things has worked fantastically. Doesn’t always get it right but when it does, I’m like wow! I discovered all you need to do is ask what angles he understands and he’ll go and list them all for you. So you can check out each one! Revelation! :slight_smile:

But yeah, that back view/front view thing is so flakey and such a nightmare on some scenes, i’ve literally spent a day trying to nail it and finally. Now just trying to push D3 a little further with details.

Also, it seems to have given back the 50 images per 3 hours allowance again, which I’ve not hit at all the last couple of days. Also the unresponsive thing is not as bad today (I think its just when its overloaded in usage) that it starts to struggle to work. I’m using it at pace and that seems to do the trick. Happy again!


Smart, I created a post about this to help us all out.

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I just encountered my first daily limit as well is there any way to get the prompt generation from chatgpt through the api or is that manually? I have been considering the api as I can write prompts myself, but chatgpt has the added benefit of being able to churn out large varieties of prompts within context, and I do not know how to do that through the API. I don’t know and don’t think I did exceptionally much more then at other times so this is new and a bummer as I am hitting some golden nuggets and it’s interrupting my flow

My daily allowance limits seemed have stopped, but I have been pacing myself and not going machine gun on image generating, so this probably helping and not flagging me up as an abuser of the service! I don’t count how many images I create but its definitely more than 50 a day, probably more closer to 100, but this is only because I’m repeatedly having to tweak the results. I’m finding ways where I don’t have to tweak results so much with certain commands I’ve learnt so I’m getting there. Just pace it and don’t set off their ‘machine gun user’ alarms and things should settle down!

I have done thousands already, but compared to MJ it’s mild I quit MJ when I was in the 70.000 images club and SD I’ve recently started and already done ±20.000 images,

Image count should not be an issue, good stuff is worth digging for and knowing you have a good prompt or in in the chatgpt apps case a good premise to start with you only know if you have enough to compare.

I think there is absolute gold to be found in this model and limiting it seems counter to what it is intended to do and counter to whatever any other platform is doing

There was a message from DALLE a few days ago that the limit would now be 20 images per day. They have obviously changed this back to a higher number, but it was of concern at the time of posting.

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well I am getting this message everyday because this is what I do all day. I use Dall E3 all day and it is not enough for my needs. very depressing. I need to do some testing and generating lots of images. this is too sad. I don’t like midjourney , dall E3 is better for my needs.


Are you skilled in development at all?

You can get access to the DALLE3 API and your rate limits are a bit better (per minute rate limits…)

There might even be a “wrapper” out there somewhere to let you create more with an API key. You have to pay for each image that way, though, not a lump $20/month.

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DALL-E-3 via API

200 RPD
1 images per minute

Why three requests per minute but one image per minute? Because one will fail? Because they count double?

Looks like they doubled it since yesterday when it was noted here that successful generations were counting for two images - and internal errors counting for one against the daily limit.

Like many other models, set at “you will not be able to resell services” levels.


Convenient timing

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