Dall-E throwing: Infinite loop detected in getBranchFromLeaf

While using Dall-E I will lose chat history, and be unable to send new prompts.
On the ios app I can see the last post but nothing works.
On the web app I get _app-b91ef0f91caeb051.js:11 Infinite loop detected in getBranchFromLeaf in the console and my tab crashes.

Anyone seen this before?

I have the same error with one of my conversations.
It literally makes my apps and web page crash every time I try to open the conversation, no matter what device.

The console shows the same error.

I haven’t seen or heard of it other than here. I thought I was the only one.

same here yesterday. On my phone I was able to get the last message but not the other. This happened after I regenerated response from my iPhone: looks like it got issues and was stuck in a loop?

Had to delete the whole conversation :confused: