DALL-E3 High CPU usage & Unresponsive Page - Chrome

Anyone experiencing he Unresponsive page after each DALL-E3 image generation today. The Chrome error pops up every time DALL-E says my images are ready, and I have a choice of Waiting or Killing the page. I kill the page, refresh and my images are waiting!!

Its annoying, but better than telling us to wait or that you have reached your image quota! I haven’t had a single one of those since Thursday!

Anyway, i haven’t updated my Chrome to the latest version yet for other reasons. Just wondering if that would tix the unresponsive page thing!?

Browser is client-side, Dall-E3 is server-side.

So when the browser freezes, this is (almost) due to something on the client-side.

Pro-tip : press SHIFT + ESCAPE to see the browsers internal task manager and resource usage (not sure what the shortcut on Mac / Nix system is).

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Yeah, I use a Apple Mac utility called Activity Monitor. It gives you all the CPU, memory, etc for all apps and processes running. OpenAI’s Dall-e page is the page without the highest CPU usage. I have sufficient memory for the software I run, so I’m not throttling it, but when its generating images on Chrome, its seems to rocket the process and CPU, so i’m wondering if its a Chrome thing or not I’m going fire up Safari which I never really use and test it there. If it does the same thing then I know its not Chrome. All other Chrome pages (and I have a few open, are not hogging CPU, so its just a coincidence that its only DALL-E that is! lol

Okay, n = 1… but at “my side” I don’t see any hiccups in the browser.

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I haven’t looked into it yet, its not so bad at moment. Maybe its clashing with a Chrome extension or ad blocker or something local I’m sure. Its let me generate pics all day today so I’m a happy bunny! lol

When unsure, you can always open a private window with extensions disabled.

Then you have the clean / pure out of the box experience.

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I have been having similar issues, it got a bit better, but if generating times out or just when generating in general browser freezes and I need to guess when it ends in the background to refresh the page,

This timing out/unresponsive page/freezing thing is still happening. Though its something to do with the throttling and busier times. because its always telling me the service is in high use at the moment, try a bit later. So I don’t think its solely my computer causing the issue. though the ChatGPT webpage does hog my CPU at lot.

I’m getting this too. My computer grinds almost to a halt after I’ve used DALL-E 3 in one tab of my browser. I open task managers and am quite surprised to find that it is that DALL-E tab that is at fault: it is consuming most of my CPU long after I stopped using it.

I’m on Windows 10 with Chrome stable and no extensions have access to the ChatGPT tab.

I assumed that all ChatGPT stuff is happening entirely on the server and that the web app is really quite a simple one, so I find this surprising. Unless I"m missing something I guess this points to a bug in the web app?

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You should post this in the Bugs - OpenAI Developer Forum category and/or use the support bot in the bottom right corner of the help site here help.openai.com

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For some reason there’s a very rapid loop occurring at the start of a Dall-E prompt. Some sort of optimization issue (notice the bailouts & invalidates with the CPU (The yellow at the top) ). I have fallen victim to this myself. Gotta love ReactJS.

I’m sorry. It’s hard to read without extra context. It’s like looking at a photo of the parts underneath a car and saying “See, this is why the transmission is slipping”

The start is the end of the greyed area (the top), and is reflected below. The first bailout encounter occurs at the same moment the CPU usage starts to spike.

EDIT: Updated to be a little more clear

The next spike I’m really not sure of. Some sort of callback.


I’ve started getting page hang on Firefox for long DALLE3 threads … mostly when saving…

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