Custom GPT sign up bug when sharing link

Hey all, I built my first custom GPT:

However, when sharing the link, users are intermittently reporting that it prompts them to sign into their OpenAI account and they get stuck in a sign in loop. I have also seen this issue. The GPT is set to Public. Anyone else seeing this issue or know what might be going on?

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This is still happening intermittently. I’m also unable to update the GPT. Getting “error saving draft” message

I am expreincing the same issue. I can opend your custom GPT without issues. Anything you have done to resolve it?

I believe it was an intermittent issue with OpenAI’s auth in the browser. Are you still experiencing it?

Now it is working. It appears it is a temporary glitch. I hope this won’t happen frequently. Until they sorted this out and things settle, I will keep my GPT private. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with my published GPT now. The shared GPT link, if visited, repeatedly asks to log in, but I am able to open your link without such problems currently, and it does not ask to log in. Did you do something to resolve it, or did it just get fixed by itself?

The issue persists in my case, the GPT link is unusable.

I’m getting the same issue with my GPT:

I believe it is just an intermittent browser auth issue from OpenAI. I reported the bug to OpenAI but it might help if others do the same!

Yep we just launched the Video Insights GPT ( and some of our users were reporting that this is happening but has since resolved.

I’m sure it’s an intermittent issue but hopefully they resolve it.

It sounds like you are experiencing a different version of the issue I’m trying to raise awareness of in another post.

However, I am not seeing users going into a sign-in loop. They simply get dropped on the base ChatGPT 3.5 and believe that they are speaking with the custom GPT. I watched a user do this and they told me I was wrong, because when asked it assured them it would help them with what my custom GPT does. This is a very serious issue, because it’s impossible when sharing a custom GPT to ensure that only people with Plus subscriptions click the link, and the result is misleading them into thinking that the custom GPT itself offers no value beyond what base GPT 3.5 would do without any special custom GPT authoring or knowledge.

I posted about it here with the title “Critical Issue: Non-Plus Users Misled by Custom GPT Model Links” which you may be able to search and find (this forum doesn’t allow internal linking, or I’d provide it here).

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