GPT link redirects to login link when signed in

We recently released Video Insights GPT ( and we’re hearing from some users that they are getting the login screen to sign into ChatGPT plus but they are already logged in and are subscribed to ChatGPT plus.

Anyone else noticing or seeing this?

Also if you have any workarounds we can inform our users about, that would be greatly appreciated!

I believe the requirement for separate authorization for each GPT instance is a deliberate design choice. Essentially, once a specific GPT model is authorized and added to your account, it becomes a persistent option in the upper left menu, eliminating the need for repeated authorizations.

This is somewhat analogous to the iOS app installation process, where even though you’re logged into your Apple account, app downloads still prompt an authorization request.

However, I do have some reservations about the initial GPT integrations I tried. There’s a definite risk here, akin to phishing tactics. For instance, users could be redirected to a deceptive login page via a seemingly legitimate link, potentially compromising their credentials.

I’m optimistic that this process will become more secure and feel more legitimate once we shift to downloading GPTs directly from an official OpenAI GPT store. This approach would reduce the reliance on external links, which, while appearing innocuous, can pose security risks.

I want to share the GPT´s link for test but asks user to upgrade to GPT PLUS