Can't share GPT in my organization

Hello Community,

I’m facing a peculiar issue with the ChatGPT Team Plan within my organization, where I am the owner. I created a MyGPT and successfully shared it with my team. Everything seemed to be working fine until about 20 minutes in, when I attempted to edit the GPT. A message popped up, but I accidentally dismissed it too quickly to read it. Since then, the GPTs have reverted to being visible only to their individual owners and can no longer be shared across the organization.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I’m looking for any advice or solutions to restore the sharing functionality within my team. It seems like there might have been an update or setting change that I inadvertently triggered. If you’ve had a similar experience or have any insights on how to resolve this issue, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

My organization is having the same issue with our ChatGPT Team plan: the “publish to” field no longer includes my organization.

Unfortunately I do not know the solution, so I hope someone else here does!

Same here. I have two accounts: personal and work. Both are experiencing the same problems.

Same here - it reverts the customGPT I built to only me (from sharing with workspace team members), this GPT violating OpenAI policies. When trying to submit an appeal, it hangs.

Same thing is happening to me - hopefully they fix this quickly.

I’m having the same issue with my custom GPTs.

Yep, I had the same issue with the appeal initially. Now the appeal box won’t even appear. Hopefully they get this fixed soon.

Exact same issue. I hope they fix this soon since the entire point of Teams is sharing.


My account is fixed. Maybe you have to fill in the url to pricacy rules if you use actions in your custom gpt.


My account is fixed too, looks like it was a temporary bug.

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