Someone stealing my GPT listed

Someone seems to have copied my GPT (although an older now deleted version of it). Image, name and content was copied, by a
Person/bot with a name unknown to me. Action and API access is missing though

My original GPT:


I’m not sure you have any actionable claim here.


Yes Janell Jast has been doing this, for me too and posting them all over the GPT Directories. I would continue to report them, both to OpenAI and directories.


Known imposter:

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Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will do anything about it. Serious developers are moving away from the ChatGPT ecosystem. Either OpenAI will push you out by recreating your functionality and integrating it directly into their product or in the case of these new GPTs, someone else will.

Best bet is to use the API and make something in a different environment. Orrr, like in our case, we’ve started migrating apps towards VertexAI, Google’s API for their models. They are much more enterprise friendly. Not necessarily from a usability perspective but from a customizability perspective.

All of their safety filters you have control over, and they will continue to support the completion and chat style APIs.

Anyways, sorry, but OpenAI won’t take it very seriously.

I’m a serious developer and we’re moving IN to the GPT ecosystem, it’s great for free marketing to help with discoverability (and a link to our Pro version e.g. using their APIs as you mention).

OpenAI is smart, they realize that in order to run a successful app store, they need to respect their developers. Letting the knockoffs take over will indeed move all serious developers out of the ecosystem as you suggest but I’m hoping they are smarter than that and follow Apple’s App Store lead for how things are done.

I do notice GPT “safety filters” increasing over the last week, making it harder to view and download documents straight from your Knowledge set or figure out your custom Instructions. Hoping this trend continues!

It’s true imposter developers can just steal your name and logo and description/prompts, they can make infinite clone GPTs but… they can’t make infinite Developer accounts and/or Domains to verify so, if we continue reporting them hopefully we can work as a Dev Community and take out the hackers together. :handshake:


For example here is my official GPT:

And here is an imposter I found this morning:

They made the mistake of using my Trademarked logo (and name) so I’ve reported a DCMA takedown to OpenAI, and ideally the hackers dev account ( gets banned destroying all their copycat GPTs and days/weeks of work… with incentive not to copy me again. Even though the domain seems to be based on China, the USPTO doesn’t mess around so if OpenAI doesn’t act my lawyer will.


My company has been developing on it since Aprilish, there has not been strong developer concerns. In fact, they have done a lot to, nuke APIs, wipeout developers by taking their ideas, and block functionality they couldn’t control (like code execution) on the grounds of “dangerous” just to have them provide it anyways.

Hope it works out for you, but our customers (we help people make their LLM enabled products) are moving away from ChatGPT in favor of inhouse tools built around GPT API and either custom environments or white label interfaces. I suppose I should caveat that our customers are enterprise customers looking for internal tools.

Another interesting note is that it is actually cheaper for the customer to pay per token rather than the full ChatGPT pro or enterprise versions depending on the usage levels. If you wipe out your ChatGPT history, use it for a month, then export your data, for most people the token usage is way below 20 dollars.

Anyway, wasn’t here really to debate just wanted to put some realistic expectations about the level of help to be expected from them, then I started to rant. But good luck.


LOL. Spoken like a true veteran.

It was always going to be the case that shitty people will just copy/paste all the GPTs they can find.

It’s low-effort, yet unfortunately works. Combine that with low-effort “stores” that use simple metrics to rank people (why is it that the GPT developer with the most GPTs has a top-spot?) and you get a festering pit of scummy people dominating the charts, completely annihilating true effort & creativity (why bother if it’s just going to be stolen?) with black-hat techniques.

I truly hope the GPT marketplace releases soon, and it’s taken care of. The plugin store was a complete flop

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I use ChatGPT to analyze images but reply as personal information. I still don’t feel as scary and disgusting as Google. I had never been interested in maps before until one day I was notified that I was the owner of the bussiness profile of a law firm. or attempting to extract files of externaldrive to google drive without asking for consent Even if it’s syncing it shouldn’t be happening because I’m not using it. I’m beginning to feel insecure about Bing’s use of humans to monitor my chats.

Users can also ask the GPT for a description of its internal configuration unless that configuration contains anti-disclosure instructions to put prompts through some sort of sanitization.

I think OpenAI could provide such functionality to help protect the proprietary content of GPT developers, and avoid accidental configuration leakage.

See this related Tweet:

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