Custom GPT for LinkedIn is not getting approved for public

I have created a GPT to evaluate LinkedIn profile. But I am not able to open it public. Even after appealing several times, I haven’t received any response. Any one have idea about what terms I might be violating? It is a simple GPT which prompt user to enter basic questions, then upload LinkedIn profile in the form of PDF to give the score and feedback.

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It’s just my best guess but it could be due to the fact that your GPT involves collecting/processing personal data. While this is not outright prohibited as per my understanding of the policies, it is subject to higher scrutiny given the need to comply with different data privacy regimes.

Building with ChatGPT

Shared GPTs allow you to use ChatGPT to build experiences for others. Because your GPT’s users are also OpenAI users, when building with ChatGPT, we have the following service-specific policies in addition to our Universal Policies:

  1. Don’t compromise the privacy of others, including:
    a. Collecting, processing, disclosing, inferring or generating personal data without complying with applicable legal requirements


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