Custom GPT disappearing?!

I have already contacted support regarding this issue, but I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced the same thing. Today, while working on my custom GPT, I suddenly noticed an orange message on the screen indicating that “ChatGPT is not accessible.” Upon refreshing the page, I observed that it was no longer listed on the left side, whereas the other two custom GPTs I created are still present. I have invested significant effort in training this GPT, and my community has been using it effectively over the past week. Why did it disappear? Does anyone have any suggestions while I await a response from support?


Haven’t lost any GPTs, but I have had issues today with Knowledge files randomly disappearing (getting deleted?), and browsing and code settings being turned off.
Also getting “Network error”. Never seen this before.

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same i guess is a bug.Every knowledges are disaper

Thanks for sharing.
I am still waiting for the support’s reply and will update here. I hope it’s just me and not a fatal error in the openai system.

Yeah, that too. I hope it’s only a bag and everything will be retrieved. :-/

If OpenAI actually loses all the files, you can use previous conversations to retrieve the file content. However, it seems now that GPT can’t provide download links anymore, so you need to have it recite the content. But there’s an issue, it might not execute this command, which is quite terrible. :roll_eyes:

Yes, mine is also gone and I can’t even find where to put in a support ticket!

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Yeah I have lost 2 GPTs so far in the last 24 hours.

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My gpt has disappeared too, hoping it’s a bug that can fixed. I have the view link saved, when viewed I see an error message ‘GPT inaccessible or not found’

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Happened to me as well, how do we put in a ticket?

I think they have a chat option on this page

Faced the same issue. Knowledge files disappeared randomly. Please update on this thread if you hear any updates :slight_smile:

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It’s back! I reached out to support and between now and then it has been restored. Not sure if it was something they were already dealing it.

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It’s the same for me. I see the lost bot and now I just need to check it out.

Me too! Custom GPT gone, orange warning.

Any update on this OpenAI??? Still happening to me. Just had one disappear today.

Same problem here, How do we reach out to support? Website says plus users to go log in and click help, but I don’t see that option anywhere on gpt or the main open AI website.

There is an intercom chat icon here: You can send a message from there. They responded almost immediately at first which I assume is just gpt-4 haha, but took a day or two for someone to actually reply. This is the response I received after letting them know (before the second reply) that my gpt came back automatically.

“…We apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced with accessing the GPT model, despite following all the troubleshooting steps. Your efforts to resolve this matter independently are greatly appreciated. The error message you encountered usually indicates either a temporary issue with our service or that the specific model you’re trying to access is temporarily unavailable. We are sorry for this inconvenience…”

And here is the first response, which didn’t work for me:

" In most cases, you can simply wait a few minutes and try again. If you’re still running into problems, it’d help if you can try these steps first to help us figure out what might be going on:

  1. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies
  2. Disable VPN (If you are using one)
  3. Use an incognito browser or a different internet browser/computer to see if the issue still persists, as a security add-on or extension can occasionally cause this type of error.
  4. Disable cookie blockers"

Hope it helps!

No help from the support. Reads like GPT4 responses from support lol. It’s definitely not a browser caching issue, it’s literally a server-side issue on OpenAI’s end.

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Thanks! No luck though. I followed the link, already tried that, whenever I go through the chat bot, there is no option to even type anything in to a person. It just routes me through the GPT Plus, then offer feedback. There was no option to request support.