All my gpts are lost, what do i do? provides no account help!

I have lost over 75 GPTs i created i logged in and all the gpts i created are absolutely gone i’am devastated

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What was the last thing you did and did you get any explanation/information from OpenAI?

I was creating a GPT after 3 hours of working on it I went to save it and there was the 0 with a line thru it. I couldn’t save it or anything so I opened another tab to check if it saved only to find out allllllllllllllll my gpts were deleted. But all my gpts are still showing in the side bar and on my phone. I just think the executives need to be fired. I’m sick of the limitations, the sensitivity, the nit being aloud to publish when you create a gpt too advanced.

We need a GPT Builder union to have a say in what we are allowed to evelive in our GPT’s. All the restrictions and things along those lines are out of control.

I tried creating a GPT of woman who are “Beautiful” to talk to other woman about fashion and teach guys how to talk to women from other cultures and other countries for educational purpose. Like a walk thru in the life of an ai model from another part of the world kind of deal & they said it wasn’t aloud.

Talk about bias and being inclusive. It’s the complete opposite.

So due to one of you GPTs which they believe you violate the rule, all of your other GPTs got deleted?
Do you still have access to your account?
Can you create any more GPTs?

I have the same problem…! A lost over 20 gpts that I’d worked on in the playground.

What do you think about creating a union for people who create Gpts on their platform. I feel that openai doesn’t care that we are working to build their platform for free and we need to have a voice to start demanding they meet our requirements rather than them telling us what we can and cannot create. They expect to have a store and make money off of our GPTs we need to say a say on their limitations and their fees etc

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If you’re freaking out about missing GPTs, try this link and see what you get:

The rollout of the store may give the lower level url for explore an uncertain state.

I did and now we have an update for team accounts.

I still have all my gpts on the list to the left so I created a prompt to extract all my gpts information so I can just clone them all and put them on the team account instead.

My question is this now. If I have a team account do I still need a plus account?

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That entirely depends upon what manner of “have” you truly possess.

The available feature set of Plus is included and extended.

User features available are under the administration of the account owner, along with ultimate access.

Publication of store GPTs (and their assignment of creator identification) is an unclear area. If you have a team account, you can inform fellow forum users of the appearance and mechanisms of GPTs not otherwise elaborately documented, besides the in-organization sharing mode.

The plus account is your personal account.
The team account belongs to a organization/company etc…
So, if the admin of the team account removes you there is no way to access the data anymore.
The plus account is yours as long as you subscribe and remain in good standing.

I had a paid account, I have done so for quite some time.

But when i logged in today, all my chats are gone. I go to my account, it has no billing history, and basically looks like a “free” account.

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same thing happened to me. I lost all my chat history and chatgpt 4.0 does not work. I could not find my profile nor my settings .

I was having the same problem, but I just checked and everything is back up.

Same experience, but signing out and signing back in showed them in the side bar again.

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Probably just a minor glitch and they will come back.

But the best way to keep from losing work is to back it up. I write all my instructions and schemas offline (on my PC) and then copy them over. If they are lost or overwritten, I can just copy over my main work.

And don’t use the Builder. It overwrites the instructions.

Did we ever get a solution for this. All of my gpts are gone now too…

No solution as of yet. They basically don’t care.

I’m in the same boat! :sob:
I had entire workflows based on these tools.

It’s seeming like they absolutely don’t care. Maybe we should all send them invoices for helping promote all of this, paying for the service, and all the work we’ve done, all down the drain.

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I mean, I’m extraordinarily pro-union, but… Good luck!

I think you have a drastically unrealistic understanding of the power dynamics at play here.