Credit card repeatedly gets declined - India - please help

I have been trying to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for the last few days, but my Indian credit card (SBI Mastercard), gets repeatedly declined even though I’m entering all the details and OTP correctly. This card works perfectly on all other international sites, except on the OpenAI site.

Also the error message is so unhelpful - “Your card was declined”. Why was it declined? Can’t you give more details so I can address it if there is a problem?

Why is your payment infrastructure so limited (only Credit Cards supported), and why is your Stripe payment gateway so buggy and unhelpful? Please help and fix this issue.

Or provide other modes of payment apart from credit card if you’re unable to fix it, e.g. support for Netbanking.


Same problem from Argentina. 3 cards and apple pay rejected.

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Yeah, it’s just frustrating that an advanced tech company like OpenAI is providing such limited options for payment (only credit card) through only one buggy gateway, Stripe. Like why?

Even my local gas company provides options for 3 different payment gateways (Razorpay, PayU, Paytm) on their payment screen, including options for various payment modes like Credit cards, Debit Netback, E-wallets, Netbanking etc.

This decision of OpenAI to provide so limited payment options is so inexplicable and frustrating for users.

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Here is a solution which worked for me. You want to connect to a US VPN service and then try your credit card. It got declined when I had tried without VPN, but when I connected the US VPN it went through. It is also important that your use “enter address manually” option so that the GST can be calculated during billing. This should work.

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I tried just now over a VPN connection and by setting my location in the US, but still the transaction got declined, and the same message from the bank - “Your Standing Instruction for $23.60 for CHATGPT SUBSCRIPTION has been declined, as per RBI guidelines. Please pay directly at the merchant”.

From the message it sounds like there is something wrong with the request that Stripe gateway is sending to the bank for creating the e-mandate for recurring payments as per RBI guidelines, and so it keeps getting declined. :frowning_face:

And there is no option on the payment screen to just pay for one month, and not create a recurring transaction. The lack of different payment options is just ridiculous and very frustrating.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion and for trying to help.

After trying many different cards, finally an ICICI Amazon Visa credit card worked successfully! So I finally got access to ChatGPT Plus :slight_smile:

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Some banks have not updated their policy as per last year RBI guidelines. But I am glad it worked out. It is possible to do this via your Apple device, if you have one.