Credit Card Declined - Canada

Paid for Plus previously on Mar 21 and Apr 21. Declined on Mar 21 payment. Just realized today that I wasn’t on Plus anymore when I tried to access the internet.

Card has been declined. Attempted Google Pay and Link. Declined. Renentered all information. Tried a computer and a phone. Tried multiple browsers. The bank confirmed that there is no issue with the card. It was used before and after today’s transaction, and it appears to have been initially declined back on May 21.

I suspect that a change was made with chatgpt’s payment system between April and May of 2023. This could have been because of the same legislation in Canada that has delayed Google’s Bard.

I am in Canada. Purchased other items with card today (both before and after).


Contact your financial institution to see if they are the ones declining and, if so, why.

Otherwise, contacting support at or will be your best bets for resolving the issue.

If you do discover the root cause and a solution, please share it here as it may be helpful to other users in the future who experience similar issues.


The bank says that there is no issue with the card.

Did they see any attempt with the card from OpenAI? Temporary hold or such?

If not, it seems OpenAI is rejecting the card themselves and that warrants an email to, a chat with, and possibly a message through Contact sales.

There were no transactions with openAI. No holds.

Last time I had an issue similar to this, the next day it was working. How long have you been trying to make this transaction?

The first declined transaction was May 21. Each of the last three days it has been declined.

I’m in Canada.

@Greenlocke have you tried what @elmstedt suggested? Send them an e-mail and wait a few days. Had a Canadian friend of mine have a similar problem, i think it took him around 5-7 business day to get his account working again.

Thanks. I’ve sent an email (the email provided had a typo, for anyone reading this later).

FYI, I just had three Canadian credit cards refused when I, for the first time, signed up for API services.

Do you use Rogers in Canada?
Did you have a landline number converted to the cell phone number you are using to sign up?

If so, see other post here that are similar. Seems when Rogers did the conversion of the landline number they did it in such a way that OpenAI does not see it as a valid cell phone number.

I’m actually a Bell Mobility subscriber, the error messages I got had nothing to do with my mobile number, it just said the credit card was declined.

Has this ever been solved?
I had only one month, afterwards it didn’t want to renew. All cards (including overseas cards are declined).
Sometimes with “Your card has been declined”, while other cards are “Your card has been declined. Try with a debit card”.
All transactions do not reach the bank at all.

Same issue. Still can’t purchase gpt api.
Why openai set such strict payment check?