Copy and Paste Issue in ChatGPT Desktop App on macOS

Same issue. Version 1.2024.163 (1718653947).

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I found a workaround by enabling Pure Paste App (Mac) - works like it should now.

same issue, super annoying

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If they don’t fix this, I’m discontinuing the Premium subscription. I use it really often and now it stopped working…can’t use it at all.

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Same issue with pasting links from Safari. Mac OS Sonoma 4.5. MacBook Pro M2 Pro


Same - really annoying for a paid service on an app that was being pushed.

Thank you!!! FINALLY a solution that works and is easy

just paste it to any textbox and then paste it to chatgpt. Yes, its a bug.

As a workaround, I decided to create a Quick Action in Automator. Now I press my shortcut, and the marked text gets converted to plain text and goes back to the clipboard. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Automator:
    • Launch the Automator application on your Mac.
  2. Create a New Service:
    • Select “File” > “New” and then choose “Quick Action”.
  3. Configure the Service:
    • In the top right, set “Service receives” to “text” in “any application”.
  4. Add Actions:
    Here are the steps to add the necessary actions in Automator:

Step 1: Run AppleScript

  • Search for “Run AppleScript” in the Library and drag it into the workflow area.
  • Replace the default script with the following AppleScript:
on run {input, parameters}
    -- Combine the input text into a single string
    set combinedInput to (input as text)
    -- Put the combined input text onto the clipboard
    set the clipboard to combinedInput
    -- Get the plain text from the clipboard
    set plainText to do shell script "pbpaste"
    -- Put the plain text back on the clipboard
    set the clipboard to plainText
    return plainText
end run
  1. Save the Service:
    • Save the service with a descriptive name, such as “Convert to Plain Text”.

To use this service:

  1. Select some text in any application.
  2. Right-click (or control-click) on the selected text.
  3. Go to “Services” and choose “Convert to Plain Text”.

or use a shortcut:

  1. Click on “Keyboard” in the System Preferences window.
  2. Navigate to Keyboard Shortcuts…
  3. Select Services in the left-hand sidebar. This will show a list of all available services, including the one you created in Automator.
  4. Scroll through the list until you find your service, “Convert to Plain Text” (or whatever name you saved it as).
  5. Click on the service name. A field will appear to the right where you can add a keyboard shortcut.
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When I’m pasting a text from Word is also gets pasted as an image and not text. What is worse is that if I ask a question about the actual text in the photo it starts describing some random document (or is hallucinating).

I am having the same issue. It seems it is a problem with Microsoft apps, because it happens when I try to paste text from Outlook, Word or Powerpoint.

I can always get OCRed with one or 2 extra prompts, but it is annoying.

I hope it gets fixed soon

Same thing here. Formatted text past as an image. This must be how Chat GPT receives the paste, that offers graphical pastes as valid. For now I past it to another text app, then copy again and then paste to ChatGPT. However, for large volume of text, I use the website.

As above, only applies when the text has formatting. Plain text cuts & pastes fine.

This has been driving me nuts! I’ve been Pasting into Terminal, & Copying it to loose the formatting - then Pasting into Chat GPT. (terrible workaround!).

Just tried Pure Paste (free) from the Mac app store - this works well. Automatically removes the text formatting and allows direct paste into ChatGPT (not sure if the app can be 100% trusted though). But good workaround while we wait for OpenAI to fix the MacOS app.

Same issue here. Limited to copying from e.g. MS Word though.

A more effective solution is to use the Shortcuts app to convert copied text to plain text. After copying from Microsoft apps, simply use the shortcut (mine is cmd+shift+*) to convert the text to plain text before pasting it into ChatGPT.

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I’ve just updated the ChatGPT App (version 1.2024.171) for MacOS, but the issue with pasting text still hasn’t been resolved. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to fix such a simple problem in the app. For example, there could be two paste options: one for text and one for images.
In this regard, the web interface remains much more convenient.
ChatGPT engineers, do you read feedback from the user community?

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save issue +1 Please fix this characterlimit

Does anyone in OpenAI read this? It is really surprising that are so many complains for such a basic and annoying bug.

Same issue here. Would be nice if this could be solved soon.

Same here. Going back to browser.