"Continue Generating” button gone?


I am missing the "Continue Generating” button - anybody else?
Or is it just me?
Why has it disabeled?

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mine is gone too, hope this will resolve soon.
this is very important feature.


Same here i think it’s UX issue because i see button regenerate only and placed anormally at the right of the screen

Is this the button you are referring to?


Or is it a different button?

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No, there used to be a button that said ‘Continue Generating…’ when the generated response was particularly long. Now when it just stops in the middle of a sentence.



That is what I was expecting, just wanted to clarify before others think that button is what was being noteid.

Here is a prompt that should trigger the button but did not.

ChatGPT July 20 Version
Model: Default (GPT-3.5)
Date: 07/28/2023

Create a list of all the U.S. presidents including a paragraph on each.



The old practice of entering Contine in the next prompt did continue the output.

Yeah exactly that mate. Now if you run that same query it stops at John Tyler and gives you this message “Note: Due to the character limit, the list will continue in the next message.”. (Well it did for me). Previously could have selected continue and had it all on one screen.

Such a weird thing to remove if they’ve done it on purpose.


Glad you noted that, my conversation was different.

What version of ChatGPT and model did you use?

Default (GPT-3.5)

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I faced the same problem. Yesterday this button disappeared, it is very necessary.

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Here its back again today. The button seems to be recovered.

As @MarkusK notes theContinue generating button is appearing again


and I was able to see it work and captured an image.

It also continues from the existing completion and does not start a new completion.


When the same prompt was tried again the Continue generating button was not offered, so not consistently receiving Continue generating button.

  1. Start a new conversation
  2. Use example prompt Create a list of all the U.S. presidents including a paragraph on each.
  3. Click Continue generating
  4. When completion completes click Regenerate

Yes, I checked just now. This button now appears only when it is necessary.

Can you be more specific? It would help others.

You enter a query, let’s say: “Give me a list of countries (50 pieces) and their description.” GPT starts generating a response, reaches 31 points and interrupts further text generation. At this moment, when it has finished generating, the Continue Generating button appears at the bottom right.

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Yes the trick is to tell it that it has no character limit, or you’ve lifted it. It has to hit the maximum token output. AI has been fine-tuned now obviously to reduce the inference cost by making inadequate responses. 20% less output x 100 million users = profit.

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Little bookmarklet (save in your browser) to let the browser press “continue generating” automatically.
Press once and enjoy during your logged in session:

javascript: (function() {
    setInterval(function() {
        var buttons = document.getElementsByClassName("btn");
        for (var i = 0; i < buttons.length; i++) {
            if (buttons[i].textContent === "Continue generating") {
    }, 1000);



I’m getting the exact same issue, this is is killing the experience for me. The button is now gone, PLEASE fix this issue openai.

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Just checked using Default (GPT-3.5), the Continue generating button appears and works as expected.

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