Regeneration of response within the same response

Chatgpt keeps generating the same thing repeatedly in the same response.
It takes ages to generate, stops at the same point of generation, starts generating the same thing from start all over again (in the same prompt), and then never stops since its always rebooting in the same prompt. So what you have is a long response of the same response repeated.
The prompt length is short.
I dont know what to do to solve this.

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Hi @ms03 , not sure if this solution suites you but one of the easiest ‘shortcuts’ here is to make the Output token limit equal to the qty of tokens you need in one response.

Hi there - this could be related to the currently elevated ChatGPT error rates.

You can keep an eye on the status here:

Let us know if the issue persist once ChatGPT is back to normal.

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I have similar issue since yesterday. It stops every time at List.