Confused about GPT4 API - I would like to know how to access it

So i have been a plus memeber for awhile but started wanting to use the API but i dont seem to have access to the GPT4 model, not sure why this is? i have a payment plan in place for the $20 a month and have a card on my account just not sure what is happening??

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You need to generate an API bill of at least $1 to qualify, using the GPT-3…5 models you have access to to build your design ideas out (access is identical, only the model names changes) is a good way to generate that bill and gain access on your next billing cycle.

You can also create a new account (assuming you do not already have 2) and load that account with $5 of credit, this will be a prepay account and will have access to GPT-4 within 24 hours (usually, 48 tops)

ChatGPT Plus is not OpenAI’s API. These are two completely separate things. Paying for Plus does not give you access to the API.


I’m still new to technology and I don’t want to make a mistake. To make sure I understood correctly, I wrote down what I understood step by step. Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct? Also, I would be very pleased if you could answer my question about the second method.

Method 1:
1- I opened a new account. There is 5 dollars inside
2- I defined my credit card by following the steps “Billing > Overview > Start payment plan”.
3- I will use the API with the GPT-3.5 model. Because I don’t have GPT-4 access since I still have a free 5 dollar usage right and I haven’t made any real payment yet.
4- After my free 5 dollar usage right expires, I will use another 1 dollar. This $1 usage will be deducted from my card at the end of the month.
5- After 1 dollar or more is deducted from my account, I will now have GPT-4 access
Are these steps correct?

Method 2:
1- Open a new account and load $5 credit
How can I apply this method 2? Because I don’t know how to make a down payment on an account I just opened. I can only define my credit card by following the steps “Billing > Overview > Start payment plan”. Where is the $5 loading section?

Regarding Method 1, Correct on all counts.

Regarding Method 2. If you sign out of your current OpenAI account (top right) drop down menu from
You will then be able to use a different email address, create a new gmail one if you do not have an extra one currently), once you create an account with a new email you can go to the billing section and load your $5 here Account Overview

First of all, thank you for your answer @Foxabilo

For method 2, I logged out of my existing account as you stated. Then I created an account with a new e-mail address. During the confirmation step, it asked for my phone number and I added my second phone number. When I log in to my account, there is a $5 free usage right here. What should I do at this stage? If I add my card with “Start payment plan” at this stage, won’t I be applying method 1?

Is that $5 that you added as a “topup” from your card?

If so then you should now have access to the GPT-4 API within a day, usually quite quick, if that $5 is the $5 free trail grant then I’m not sure why that is the case, and at that point it would be best to reach out to

You get the option to purchase credits after the screen where you put your card on file. Then the card can also be used for future purchases or to auto-recharge.