Need clarity on Code Interpreter vs Plugin

I have seen in a few places that refer to “Code Interpreter” as a “plugin”. I know that Code Interpreter has its own separate waitlist, so I wanted to get some clarity:

Is Code Interpreter expected to become part of the plugin store in the future? Or is this a separate feature altogether?


I think it’s a separate feature, and in my 100% GUESS it will be part of the value proposition for business and enterprise accounts.

Seeing the steps with corresponding images of how to access them really helps, i.e.

For example at there is this


for me.

Now some may not know that plugins are active on this, if they knew they just have to click the drop down


then select Plugins to see

So if/when someone gets access to Code Interpreter and could post such steps with corresponding images it would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

In watching the demo it clearly is using a model


with ChatGPT.

AFAIK this is not via a plugin as I do not see any plugin active. e.g.

Same for Browsing


In the documentation it notes

Code run by our interpreter plugin

which is where I think the confusion originates.

Likewise there is this mention of a browsing plugin

We’ve created a web browsing plugin

So until I see steps with corresponding images I will just wait, maybe there is both a browsing model and browsing plugin.




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I am a plus user, Why I don’t have the “Code interpreter”. I only have the browser and plugins. Do I miss somthing here. Please suggest. Thanks

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It’s a separate gradual rollout


If you assume that OpenAI has 100 million users and they roll the code interpreter out to 1 mio users per day then it will take more than three months, i.e. 100 days, to give it to everyone. Plus the 10-30 mio new subscribers that join monthly.

And it is not trivial to grow a service to one million users — but OpenAI has to do this every single day!

surely there are not 100 million paying users yet…