ChatGPT THat Cannot be Found on Website and Spent Money For Plus?

Why does the ChatGPT window only flash for a second and then vanish? Do I need to pay more money to have it work? Why did I spend money for ChatGPT Plus? IS this a scam?

Works fine for me… and I have never had a problem with ChatGPT

When ChatGPT is busy due to the unprecedented number of users, I go do something else and come back later when less busy.

When things seems frustrating, maybe get off the net for a while and enjoy some exercise even it you cannot go to the gym, take a walk around your office and move your body and get your mind off ‘the world’ for a few minutes.

Hope this helps.


You must be special, and I must not be. That screen flashes for one second, and then vanishes. I must be getting punished for being so stupid for buying ChatGPTPlus.

Are you joking about that exercise crack? The site doesn’t work for me. I should go for a walk?

Sounds like you need a ChatGPT chatbot reply @Dragon1

Hear are your replies to me as a prompt to ChatGPT.



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I don’t think the site is busy, I think I did something wrong.

I was notified I have ChatGPT, but that page you show flashes for one second and then goes to ChatGPTPlus, which does not exist yet.

How do I get to the ChatGPT screen and have it stay without switching to ChatGPT Plus?

Maybe I should try to fake put OpenAI and cancel ChatGPTplus to maybe keep the ChatGPT screen?

Honestly, @Dragon1

This is a community of software developers who write code using the OpenAI API and the community is not the OpenAI ChatGPT support group.

For ChatGPT support, you have three choices that I know of (I don’t use any Discord server, at all, and have no idea about what goes on there WRT ChatGPT customer service.).

  • Email:
  • Email:
  • Web:

If you cannot get any customer satisfaction via those three channels, you next best option is to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge.

Honestly the only OpenAI staff members who ever visit here, which has been very rarely lately, are developers and the developer advocate. In addition, OpenAI staff have informed us that they plan to create a new channel for online ChatGPT support since this is a community for software developers, not ChatGPT end users.

This community is simply not an OpenAI channel for retail ChatGPT customer support, I am sorry to inform you @Dragon1 .

Hope this helps.


Was that an AI generated response?

There is no customer support for ChatGPT or ChatGPTPlus. Just Forums and articles to read. I paid for something nobody can fix or find.

You seemed to have hostility toward the software developers in their forum for software developers who tell you the truth and try to help you.

Or maybe its just me, as this site has a mission for only coders using the OpenAI API; and all these off topic “support the never ending off-mission ChatGPT user complaints here” is noise which distracts from the core mission here.

Good luck!

The site is a Rip Off. You want nice while getting screwed by OpenAI?

OpenAI sucks and they don’t care if you are screwed by them.

If you are still running into an issue, please ping our support team (, I have not seen anyone else reporting this flashing for a second issue so any details on reproducing it are welcomed.