ChatGPT Team Workspace Bugs - Invite Member Does Not Work

Signed up for the Teams subscription today. Paid $600 upfront (a requirement) and received a broken product. I am not able to send out an invite to a team member. I’ve tried numerous times and ways (desktop and mobile web - no way to do it on the app) and have had no luck.

So I go to cancel my Teams subscription and there’s no way to get the $600 back because they lock you in for the year.

It’s well documented online that there are bugs with inviting and accepting the invite.

Please fix the issue or give me my money back.


We tried everything and still can’t get it to work!

I have run into the same issue. I’m stuck at 8 members, and 8/4 licenses in use. There’s no way to add more licenses either until the next month charges me the prorated 4. I’m trying to add a lot more users. I’ve also contacted Enterprise sales a dozen times with no response :frowning:

any luck?

I thought this was maybe related to authentication method, but our account is also sitting at 8/4 licenses. Seems there is some kind of cap on adding more users until you get the other users paid up. I have seen a few folks say “just wait a month and it’ll fix itself” so I bet there is a limit on how many users you can add at a time.

I started Workspace but it does not offer better results, I want my money back. How can I get it back? I can not find where to request it.