Chatgpt team Illegal team member billing issues

As a team owner, I’ve noticed some members in my team whom I’ve never met. Currently, my only option is to pay the bills, but I’m unable to remove these individuals from the team. I’m curious as to why I can’t use GPT-4 directly. I must cover these team members’ expenses before my GPT-4 permissions can be restored. I’ve tried seeking answers from the help center, but to no avail.

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Due to the members I recruited being hacked through a computer bug, which allowed hackers to access my members’ accounts and maliciously add more people, I hope you can take my situation seriously. This involves a vulnerability where members can add others to the group.

No one here is able to help you with any account or billing problems.

You need to go through

That said, if I were you I would immediately terminate the workspace and in the future only participate in a Teams account with people with whom you actually work with.


I want to create awareness of the current state of managing Team accounts.

As of today (January 2024) every member of the Team can invite new members and these seats will have to be paid by the owner.
IMO, this is an issue that should be fixed.

It is also a warning to everybody who aims to share a Team account with other people they do not know. There is a risk of financial loss due to the current set-up.


But after stopping the workspace, the fee I paid cannot be refunded, so this will cost me $60 in vain, which is equivalent to a 3-month personal version plus subscription fee.

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Take a look at this help page which may be a solution to your problem:

I no longer have access to this page and he now only offers me the option of paying the bill or leaving the team

The way I understand the process you can consider to pay the bill and then immediately remove every other Team member.

Then make sure to never invite people you can’t trust until the permissions for inviting new users have been limited for the “Member” role.

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Doesn’t that mean I need to buy subscriptions for people I don’t know?

What is the alternative?

You are saying you cannot remove these accounts from your workspace, so the bill is only going to go up…

You can pay a little now or a little now and a lot later.

This situation is entirely preventable for OpenAI customers simply by allowing a Team to configure whether or not to enable Members to invite new members.

I’ve started a new discussion here on this topic.

This is a severe design oversight and needs to be resolved, as paying OpenAI customers are currently being exposed to entirely unnecessary risk at a security and billing level.

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