ChatGPT Team - confused after switch

I made the switch from my current ChatGPT plan to Team.

The end result is that i now have 2 accounts, one private and one as the first team account.

Basically it looks like both are supposed to be my accounts and now i can/should add additional people? Is this how the feature was designed?

I find it a little confusing, i would have expected my account to be transformed into a team account so that in the end i only have one account and just add my colleagues.

Maybe to give another perspective: I do use ChatGPT privately, but i also have an account paid by the company. So there is absolutely no need for me (and probably others) to end up with a private AND a team account on the company email address, this was the main source of confusion…

Maybe something to clarify in the docs :blush:

And of course, to not forget: Thanks for another GREAT feature :raised_hands:


And maybe also this: If a small company wants to buy Team, they probably (like me) will think they should use an email address like “info@” or “office@” to buy it because it makes sense from an org perspective.

From what i think how it works in reality, i should have used an account with my personal address…


What you describe makes sense. should be able to purchase the service.
The administrator should be able to create and assign the seat accounts which engage with the service.

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Thanks @EricGT, that solves it for me :slight_smile:

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I’m in the same boat, but now I’m paying for a personal ($20 per month) and a team ($60) account. How can I consolidate? Doesn’t seem like I should be paying for both…and thank you…


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