ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Hey all! Really excited to share the prompt engineering for developers course that the OpenAI team built in collaboration with

As of the time of this post, it is free and highly suggest it: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers - DeepLearning.AI


I’ve started it and the content is very useful, not just for developers.
It uses a Jupyter Notebook and Python to run through the examples, but really this is just good prompt engineering for anybody.

I have recommended the course to my colleagues, both technical and non-technical.


i’m interested in this course i think as technology is growing day by day it’s very important to learn these things.


Loved it! great way to learn prompt for beginner

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I think it’s great to know how to prompt, but can’t we just use AI to create prompts for us? Something like:


Aww yes . Thanks for your advice

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I’m midway through the course, and it’s really a very useful course. It’s very convenient that the examples can be run in the Jupyter environment. Thank you for the recommendation, Logan!

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Very excited to learn more. The course is easy to follow and very insightful.

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This is great! Will the prompting course be free forever? I saw somewhere that it will be a paid course some time in the future and want to make sure I’ll check it out before, haha.

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Hey and welcome to the forum, I can’t tell you for how long the course will be free, but I can definitely recommend it.

It’s only ~1h long and divided into short and convenient sections. your progress is saved so you can return later :laughing:


I am.interested in prompt engineering course of Open AI

Awaiting for the URL for joining the 1 hour prompt guidance webinar

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It’s a course not a webinar

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1h is almost suitable in today’s world of short attention spans. Waiting for the YT shorts version, haha, just kidding. :wink:

But we still need to use prompts to prompt the AI generating prompts, no?

You don’t have to use ‘prompts’, instead you just need to have a general idea of what output you’re looking for, the AI will do the rest!

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