Outline for twenty chapters

Hello, I’ve been trying some ChatGPT 4 writing prompts for a novel. I used the following to see how much help it would be.

You are an expert novelist in the style of Paddy Chayefsky. Outline a modern-day thriller-suspense spy novel with three story arcs. The overarching arc is the world settings of political tension caused by Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran banding together to threaten Western democracies. In particular, Russia is threatening NATO, China is threatening Taiwan, N. Korea is threatening S. Korea, and Iran is threatening Israeli. The second story arc is about the personal conflict the main character, Dylan Wyatt, a CIA counterintelligence agent, has with Blake Thomas, an FBI counterintelligence agent, in stopping enemy espionage while they compete for the affections of New York Time reporter Joyce Davenport who covers politics. The third story arc is Dylan’s self-doubt caused by a prior event where he was wounded trying to stop terrorists who successfully exploded a bomb on a train. Dylan’s best friend is Air Force Captain Ryan Hawk, who is deployed to NATO and is training Ukrainian pilots. The outline should cover twenty chapters with interweaving plot and subplot events and include six main characters in the West and four main enemy characters in the rival countries. Dylan has exceptional computer skills and physical combat training.

It gave me an outline for twenty chapters with complex subplot integrations, including intrigue in different countries and an ongoing romance. When I said, “continue,” it wrote a decent draft of chapter 1. Quite impressive.